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Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Reviews


Great sound and isolation ( sometimes )


Pros: Isolation, fit, fast well weighted bass.

Cons: Honky midrange, splashy treble. Not an easy listening experience.

To start this off, i did not pay for my pair of 315. If i had payed for them the disappointment would be vast.    I have a pair of SE215 and while they are not my favourite iem, they have their place. Isolation is great, and the sound is warm and quite mid-forward and matches easy with many genres of music.    The 315 is well, not as good. Simply put.    I had high hopes on the 315, i really had. However upon first listen i though they sounded a bit strange. On some tracks like some 90s death/black metal or Bob Dylans earlier work they shine. Clear midrange and nice air and separation. Overall clarity and balance is a joy.    But on some...
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Pretty good earphones in traveling, workout, and other away-from-home cases.


Pros: Isolation, accessories, comfort, okay sound quality

Cons: Bass, too bright sound, fatiguing at loud volumes

 Disclaimer: I use the earphone without an AMP, and the point of reference is a HiFiMAN HE-400i, i know they are not nearly similar, but they produce sound (only similarity) and I don't have another earphone (or headphone) in this category to compare it to. One more thing: I am a headphone guy, the only reason for me having an earphone is the need of on the go and away from home music listening sessions due to increasing addiction.     So, in June, as the summer begun, I knew I was going to be away from home a lot, and won't be able to take with me or use in all cases my HiFiMAN HE-400i, I had to buy an earphone. In my opinion, earphones are the most convenient...
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Shure SE315 Very Under Rated and over looked


Pros: Built Like A Tank, Overall Sound Is Great

Cons: Memory plastic over ear can be uncomfortable, Cable is a little stiff

This is a review for the Shure SE315's, first a little about myself I don't consider myself a hard core audiophile like most people on this site. I am 38 years old and I am just your everyday listener who appreciates quality sound. I have been into Hi-Fi audio since I was a teenager mostly full size speakers. What do I consider an audiophile, someone who pulls those ear buds out that came with your phone or ipod or mp3 player, someone who takes the time to download there music in a lossless format, someone who reads a ton of reviews of the sound quality before they buy it. I work in a machine shop so I wear iem's for 8 hours straight, and I have tried many and...
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Shure 315


Pros: Good clean delivery of mids

Cons: Highs are not as well extended as they could be

Introduction Shure is definitely up there if you’re shopping around for high performance in-ear-monitors (IEM’s). Aside from the consumer oriented SE115’s, pretty much all of the new SE range caters for clear, true-to-studio and balanced audio fit for even the pickiest of audiophiles, but with the slightest bit of sparkle and low end goodness of the modern audio preference that consumers crave. The SE315’s are no exception. In the grand scheme of Shure’s SE range, the SE315’s sit toward the lower end with a price of £189.99 and is the lowest priced of Shure’s Balanced Armature IEM lineup. On paper, the SE315’s look a little anaemic compared to its more expensive siblings, the SE425 and...
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Good detailing, great comfort and build but overall sound quality is well below par


Pros: Detailing, comfort, accessories, build quality, tight bass

Cons: Low overall sound quality, messy mids, metallic sounding highs

Just want to state up front my review rating is an absolute rating, not one based on comparative performance, pricing etc.    Having had the Shure SE215s for a while and not enjoying them I thought I would go up the range and try the SE315s. At first I was impressed as the nasty spiky highs and wooly bass seemed to have gone but alas it was not to last. My overall thoughts are: Highs: Good detailing, much better than the SE215s. Can get a bit sibilant but mostly are under control. Can sound a bit 'metallic' at times and if you get ear fatigue with bright earphones then you may want to audition these first. I did not find these as bad as the SE215s but they are not hugely...
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Lets go shooting with the 315s!


Pros: Clarity, Highs, Mids, Deep bass tones

Cons: Bass quantity, presence, sometimes slight silibance

I bought my 315s when I decided I needed some "pro" headphones instead of the continuous cheap ones I kept finding around. I bought them at guitar-center for $200 with $20 2 year warranty. I have spent a long time using them (4 months) and never reviewed them because I was not quite s(h)ure what I was missing. Recently I acquired a pair of UM3x that I love too so they set the stage for me to judge the SE315s properly.    First off I find the SE315s very underrated here at head-fi. Frankly when looking for suggestions and such no one was suggesting the 315s - people were even like "315s are meh". I dont understand why - compared to most single balanced armature drivers I find...
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Very Natural sounding, wide soundstage for an IEM


Pros: Price - Build Quality - Sound - Customizable

Cons: Microphonics - Short Cable? - Soft carry pouch

Yeah so I went ahead and bought the thing, I guess all reviews with this IEMs really is true, soundstage is very good, mids and highs are good enough including the low end, though low ends aren't really that booming and less extension but overall sound for me (subjective nature of headphones) is neutral. Bass is good once in a while but nowadays when I listen to rap hip hop, I tend to get ear fatigue and headache being a former basshead. I tend to love the overall sound of these 315s and very much worth the purchase, if later on this will break down, will definitely upgrade to the 535s or the 846s if time and resources apply. A must for upper entry level IEMs choice of portable hi-fi...
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These S(h)ure are great IEMs!


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Design, Isolation

Cons: Price, Minor design flaw with the wire plug

Backstory: (skip if not interested :)) I never liked IEMs. Never found them comfortable. They gave decent sound quality at best when they had a good fit but the fit wouldn't stay. If it did, it wouldn't be comfortable. I never found the perfect IEM. So I stuck with regular earbuds and for a long time, I was fine with it until I wasn't. I first came over on head-fi because I was considering the Bose IE earphones which were incredibly comfortable and from my 2 day experience of the one my friend had, it produced a good "warm" sound. It was going to be my first 100 USD pair so I thought I should check head-fi especially considering the bad rep Bose generally has.   I read...
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Shure SE315


Pros: Detachable Cables, Sound Quality, Isolation, Comfort, Build Quality, Looks

Cons: Cables that wraps around the ears are a bit stiff; Soft carrying case instead of crush proof ones

I got my Shure SE315 as a gift, and I absolutely love them, here's the review:   Build Quality:   I think the SE315 has excellent build quality, with its detachable and robust cables, L shaped jack, they have no issues in daily usage. I'm not sure about using them on stage since I don't, I only use them for personal listening on my computer and iPod.   Comfort and Isolation:   The sound isolation of SE315 is AMAZING, the best in all of the earphones I've ever tried. Black foam sleeves that come with these earphones provide the best isolation for me, people talking right next to me is almost inaudible even without music playing. At first, the shape of...
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