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Shure SE315

A Review On: Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Hi-Definition Micro Speaker with Tuned Bass Port (Clear)

Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Hi-Definition Micro Speaker with Tuned Bass Port (Clear)

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Pros: Detachable Cables, Sound Quality, Isolation, Comfort, Build Quality, Looks

Cons: Cables that wraps around the ears are a bit stiff; Soft carrying case instead of crush proof ones

I got my Shure SE315 as a gift, and I absolutely love them, here's the review:


Build Quality:


I think the SE315 has excellent build quality, with its detachable and robust cables, L shaped jack, they have no issues in daily usage. I'm not sure about using them on stage since I don't, I only use them for personal listening on my computer and iPod.


Comfort and Isolation:


The sound isolation of SE315 is AMAZING, the best in all of the earphones I've ever tried. Black foam sleeves that come with these earphones provide the best isolation for me, people talking right next to me is almost inaudible even without music playing. At first, the shape of the SE315 looked really weird to me, but surprisingly, they fit tightly and snugly in my ears, and the over the ear design keeps it in place during physical activities.


Sound Quality:




The highs of SE315 is nice and controlled, not too fatiguing. The highs are much better than the SE215, in both quality and quantity, it extends higher and is more forward. But I would like it if it can go even higher, because in some songs, violins or pianos can be a little faint.




This is where these earphones are better than most of the ones I've tried. Shure earphones are known for their mids, and these sure don't disappoint. The mid is extraordinary clear and forward. Vocals sounds awesome, like you're sitting right next to the singer.




I'd say the low end (bass) is the weakest part in the sound quality. Bass goes pretty low, but lacks some punch. That's where the SE215, with dynamic drivers, are superior to the SE315.




The soundstage is larger than SE215, it feels like the music is surrounded horizontally around you, but not so much vertical depth.




I enjoy the SE315 very much, although I prefer them over the SE215, the dynamic drivers of the SE215 is more fun to listen to, therefore I use both of them. I recommend the SE315 for those who wants clarity and precision in their music, bass-heads might need to look somewhere else.

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