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Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Hi-Definition Micro Speaker with Tuned Bass Port (Clear)

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #114 in Universal Fit


Pros: Clarity, Highs, Mids, Deep bass tones

Cons: Bass quantity, presence, sometimes slight silibance

I bought my 315s when I decided I needed some "pro" headphones instead of the continuous cheap ones I kept finding around. I bought them at guitar-center for $200 with $20 2 year warranty. I have spent a long time using them (4 months) and never reviewed them because I was not quite s(h)ure what I was missing. Recently I acquired a pair of UM3x that I love too so they set the stage for me to judge the SE315s properly. 


First off I find the SE315s very underrated here at head-fi. Frankly when looking for suggestions and such no one was suggesting the 315s - people were even like "315s are meh". I dont understand why - compared to most single balanced armature drivers I find these much better. So if your looking for a well rounded IEM to get into the world of hifi then these are not a bad start.


Price: I found these to be a little expensive but I wouldn't really regret purchasing them. The extra insurance was not needed considering the build quality.


Build: They are like sexy little tanks when you hold them. I feel like you could pull the costa concordia out of the sea with the cable alone. The removable cable connection is all gold plated and very solid. The IEMs themselves are 2 cases. The armature has its own solid plastic case then a second case surrounding the whole thing. The solid-wire in the part that wraps arround your ear did break for me but this wire only holds the shape of the cord. it does not carry sound. It was in a high stress location and was mostly my fault. Still functions properly though. 


Science: Im no sound engineer but this armature looks much different than any of the others ive sen. Franky its much bigger and looks like it has some sort of dual plate system. I can also see the tuned bass port and frankly the transparent 315s are super cool because you can watch everything work (no excursion to see though. sad face)


Highs: They sparkle. They extend. They are clear. They are fabulous. 


Mids: Emphasized and present. But not in a scratchy way. Makes me want to boost the High EQ usually. But thats okay, it sounds nice either way. 


Lows: Lacking. I feel like it takes some persuasion to get them out, but when they come out they are there, controlled, and clear. They are fun to listen to and kinda dance around you - tempting you for a little more but I mean youll probably be content with some EQ. A huge boost to the low shelf of 32hz seemed to make it more fun. The mid-bass was okay to start with but the low lows are hard to find.


Stage: Sound stage is good. Nice separation and space. Compares well to my UM3x


Case tips / tool: The case is neat. Kinda soft but it fits my sansa, 315s, cleaning tool, small usb cord, and an extra set of tips very nicely. Kinda a cool portable setup. So after I got my 315s I let my borther try them the next night (he is 8 - has waxy ears)... TLDR he clogged them with wax. There was virtually no sound coming from the right. Scared me senseless. I took the cleaning hook and some peroxide and lucky for me they cleaned right up. 


Isolation/Sibilance/CordPhonicsBlahBlah:  Excellent isolation. I used these headphones to go shooting once. I took off the cable and stuffed the IEMs in my ears like you normally would and it made a very comfortable shooting experience. I was shooting 9mm (for sound reference for those who are familiar).  Sibilance can be a problem on some soruces/tracks. Lowering the Tip top High EQ just a tap helped with this. Once again this was only a few times.   As for what ever you call the thing where you can hear the cord rustling against you they suffer from this but its nothing that I would be put off by. 


Overall im happy with the 315s. While I feel like they lack the bass they can certainly handle it when given. Thats what was so frustrating. They have awesome bass control but without some changed to your source youll be lacking bass. Combined with my EQed Sansa clip plus they sounded excellent. Despite having acquired my UM3x that are now my main headphones I will not sell off my 315s because they are just fabulous. They are good spares and I like letting my friends use them to listen with me. If you crave something with much bass you might want to look else where unless your only using an EQed source most of the time. 


Pros: Price - Build Quality - Sound - Customizable

Cons: Microphonics - Short Cable? - Soft carry pouch

Yeah so I went ahead and bought the thing, I guess all reviews with this IEMs really is true, soundstage is very good, mids and highs are good enough including the low end, though low ends aren't really that booming and less extension but overall sound for me (subjective nature of headphones) is neutral. Bass is good once in a while but nowadays when I listen to rap hip hop, I tend to get ear fatigue and headache being a former basshead. I tend to love the overall sound of these 315s and very much worth the purchase, if later on this will break down, will definitely upgrade to the 535s or the 846s if time and resources apply. A must for upper entry level IEMs choice of portable hi-fi setup. Very clean sounding when paired with a Fiio E17 which tends to sound DARK since there is no adjustment for the mids, only lows and highs, take note this IEM already has its mids and highs quite pronounced but not in terms of being sibilant, a liitle upping for the lows (bass frequencies) can be good to get that satisfactory bass response to multi genre music. Guitars and Vocals shine in these IEMs, IMO it is good for RAP Metal, Rock, alternative, Pop Rock Music. Try it now before it goes out of production!


Pros: Detachable Cables, Sound Quality, Isolation, Comfort, Build Quality, Looks

Cons: Cables that wraps around the ears are a bit stiff; Soft carrying case instead of crush proof ones

I got my Shure SE315 as a gift, and I absolutely love them, here's the review:


Build Quality:


I think the SE315 has excellent build quality, with its detachable and robust cables, L shaped jack, they have no issues in daily usage. I'm not sure about using them on stage since I don't, I only use them for personal listening on my computer and iPod.


Comfort and Isolation:


The sound isolation of SE315 is AMAZING, the best in all of the earphones I've ever tried. Black foam sleeves that come with these earphones provide the best isolation for me, people talking right next to me is almost inaudible even without music playing. At first, the shape of the SE315 looked really weird to me, but surprisingly, they fit tightly and snugly in my ears, and the over the ear design keeps it in place during physical activities.


Sound Quality:




The highs of SE315 is nice and controlled, not too fatiguing. The highs are much better than the SE215, in both quality and quantity, it extends higher and is more forward. But I would like it if it can go even higher, because in some songs, violins or pianos can be a little faint.




This is where these earphones are better than most of the ones I've tried. Shure earphones are known for their mids, and these sure don't disappoint. The mid is extraordinary clear and forward. Vocals sounds awesome, like you're sitting right next to the singer.




I'd say the low end (bass) is the weakest part in the sound quality. Bass goes pretty low, but lacks some punch. That's where the SE215, with dynamic drivers, are superior to the SE315.




The soundstage is larger than SE215, it feels like the music is surrounded horizontally around you, but not so much vertical depth.




I enjoy the SE315 very much, although I prefer them over the SE215, the dynamic drivers of the SE215 is more fun to listen to, therefore I use both of them. I recommend the SE315 for those who wants clarity and precision in their music, bass-heads might need to look somewhere else.

Shure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Hi-Definition Micro Speaker with Tuned Bass Port (Clear)

The SE315-CL utilizes a single vented High-Definition MicroDriver for extended range audio with optimized low-end. Designed for both professional monitoring and personal listening, this model integrates a detachable cable at the ear for increased durability and easy replacement, and formable wire for a comfortable and secure fit.

FeatureAvailable in Clear and Black
Height7 inches
Length2.2 inches
Weight2 pounds
Width6.2 inches
LabelShure Incorporated
List Price$249.99
ManufacturerShure Incorporated
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
PublisherShure Incorporated
StudioShure Incorporated
TitleShure Sound Isolating Earphone SE315 Hi-Definition Micro Speaker with Tuned Bass Port (Clear)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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