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Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


Tune your Brain EQ to flat [---]


Pros: The sound, the build quality, the bass, the soundstage

Cons: cable wire,

Brace yourself... Pardon any grammatical errors please as this is one of my longer reviews.    Some Background:   I’m currently 18 years old which as little as that matters to me seems to be interesting to many people in this community. I’ve always liked music and sound equipment but I never really got into the head-fi hobby until I discovered the Live Sound field from my schools drama club. From there I began to appreciate sound quality as it was just satisfying for me both from listening but also the engineering and everlasting ability to tweak and work on such.   I have worked with home audio, car audio, theater/show systems, portable/personal audio, digital...
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Mature Fun on a high technical Level


Pros: realistic well-layered and -scaled soundstage, high resolution, "real" sub-bass, nice accessories, aesthetics

Cons: super treble extension above 10 kHz should be better at this price

Preamble: This is basically a translation with some additions and little changes of my German review (http://kopfhoerer-lounge.blogspot.de/2015/07/se846.html) which I did about a year ago, because I decided that as I have some spare time at the moment, I could spend it to take a few new pictures (sorry for the cellphone’s image quality though and the lousy background, I just couldn’t remove the wrinkles from the pleather, no matter how hard I tried) in addition to my old ones and translate plus (re-) write the text. The SE846 was purchased by me from Thomann.de new for €969. --------- With the SE846, Shure heads into a somewhat new direction and has designed and manufactured all...
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Negative Reviews


Bad connectors/cable, lose sound after less than a year, twice !


Pros: great sound quality, bass

Cons: cable, connectors

I had 2 pairs with the same issue, after about 10 months, I started to lose sound because the cable didn't properly connect to the earphone. Just moving your head can make it disconnect. I tried to change the cable with the second one provided and clean the connector, no luck. Spending extra money on a third party cable wouldn't have fixed my issue (I would have get a new set of cable from the warranty if it was the case, I got a brand new pair)   You've been warned, it's a great earphones, for less than a year...

Not worth 250% pricetag in comparison with SE535


Pros: Sound like SE535 which means excellent for me

Cons: 250% price penalty not offering a substantially better sound

Got the SE846 last week and did some hours of comparison with my current SE535. My bias was towards keeping them - I like flagship products as a "there is nothing better" products, i.e. do not bother about upgrades anymore. My setup is a Cowon Z2 attached to an ALO audio Rx Mark3-B, and both headphones equipped with new triple-flanges, which perfectly isolate my ears for a good bass response. I think I am experienced enough with top quality headphones to judge on subtle headphone characteristics and the overall performance, though I am by no means a geek with an unlimited dollar setup.   My overall impression is simple: Even after repeatedly listening into different songs, I simply...
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More Reviews


Shure SE846 vs JH Audio Roxanne & DAP Comparisons


Pros: Sounds Great, Isolation, Build

Cons: Cable

Thought that I would post this here as well because peple who search for this should be able to find this easier. Has been reposted from the SE846 thread.   Today I got the chance to listen to some of my friend's gear and compare them to the SE846/DX90. I was particularly curious about the Roxanne, but the IM03 turned out to be a very interesting listen indeed. Here is my comparison of the SE846 and the Roxanne since there hasn't really been an in depth comparison yet. Obviously, YMMV.        JH Audio Roxanne vs Shure SE846 (White Filter)   The Roxanne was very good, and having loaned that pair for a day a while ago, I knew what to expect. When I had...
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Quad BA IEM With True Subwoofer Bass


Pros: Bass, Midrange, Instrument Separation, Layering, Comfort.

Cons: Price, Dark & Veiled, Lacking Treble Extension, Soundstage.

    Shure SE846 - Black         Firstly i would like to say a big thank you to Paul from Shure UK for providing me with Demo unit of the SE846 in exchange for my honest review.   Before i start the review i would like to mention that i use a Chord Mojo as a reference dac/amp to ensure there is no bottleneck prior to my reviews. Also i will show a screen shot of the details rating system because Head-Fi changes this once my review is submitted.                                                         ...
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Excellent sounding earphone


Pros: Great sound, good fit, laser sound stage, great bass, mature sounding

Cons: large housing, expensive, upper treble lacking?

This is my review from "sounds guy" on Amazon!     Comfort- The sennheisers stay in my ears pretty well. The shures are a little too big and the cable is really stiff and annoying. +1 for the sennheisers. Design- The shures look better hands down, they have adequate amounts of weight to them and the replaceable cable is a huge plus compared the senneiser ie800s Microphonics- The ie800s did encounter microphonics because of the cable and I could not move much in them. On the other hand the shures go around your ear so the shure gets a +1 for this category. Sound (Bass,Treble,Mids) Bass- The shure se846 has a "subwoofer" bass to it which is extremely unique and can dig...
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The SE535 LTD with a subwoofer and customizability


Pros: low/mid bass, mids

Cons: Treble extension, cost

I'll keep this short.   Build quality: 5/5. Looks very solid and durable. The cable seems like it will last a while, and if it doesn't - you get a second one for free anyway. The Y split is very beefy. The jack is also beefy and looks like it will last a long time. The earpieces look durable as well. They have weight to them. They look and feel expensive - and they are. They even have removable metal nozzles. No worries about breaking those tight fitting olives! Well, you might break the olives. Not the nozzles though!   Sound: These things sound great. For this portion I will mostly be referring to their sound with the blue (default) filters. I've owned many top tier...
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After tweaking, these are the best things I've ever heard...


Pros: Fantastically clean bass, wonderful soundstage, ultra dynamic

Cons: Stupid expensive, cable is iffy, requires mods

This is a very long overdo review.  I've owned these for about 15 months, give or take, and use these about 8-12 hours a day.  I've toyed with the various filters, and have tweaked them a bit, but in the end, after tweaking, these are absolutely the best things I've ever heard sound through.  I spent the better part of owning these swapping comply tips every few days, swapping filters back and fourth, and tried a ton of various sources.  Keep all of this in mind while reading this.   I'm going to cut right to the chase: if you own these, then there are two things that you MUST do to actually appreciate these.  First, and foremost, you need to put the blue...
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Abdulla Hashem

Cannot be described


Pros: Everything

Cons: size is relatively big

This is the most amazing headphone ever, I came from background of shure 535, westone w60 and beyren dynamic T6. but this small thing blow everything you ever heard.  the sound begins to be alive, has its definition, started to hear all my music again, because you can easily imagine the stage and people while listening,  changed to nozzle to bright and then boom, I cannot stop. connect it to anything and it will "repair" it, even to airline headphone jack "but with that piece which you can control the sound level, and relax or better "immerse" .. I wont regret 1000$, because it worth every penny. and your ear deserve it.  vocals and emotions are electrifying. They...
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Pros: Sound isolation, Good fit, Bass, Clarity

Cons: Price

These are easily the best earphones I've ever had or tried and i have the next two levels down of Shure earphones as well. The sound is like you are right there and with a tight fit earplug it eliminates all ambient sound. Bass is incredible as is clarity and the full bandwidth. You feel immersed in whatever you are listening to whether songs or a movie. Although pricey I would recommend these strongly. Pros: Sound and ambient noise silencing are incredible, as advertised. It's like you are right there, live, at whatever you are listening to. Cons: A bit pricey and I personally never liked the "behind the ear" cord but once you get used to it and mold the cord to your ear, they are fine.

Love the Shure SE846!


Pros: Bass, Sound quality, Comfort

Cons: None

I tried many different IEMs before deciding on these and could not be happier. One of the things of this earphone that immediately stood out along with the full bodied bass was the beautiful cymbal decay. The ability to distinguish and set the soundstage of each instrument is stunning. I am not an audiophile by any means but do play guitar and drums. As described by so many others, the bass is true subwoofer quality with a depth, tightness and a perfect presence the way it was intended by the artist. I am comparing this to the sound that I have experienced at many concerts. Spend some time with the different tips that are supplied to make sure you get the right fit which is so important....
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Simply Amazing Earphones....and To Think, I hesitated for > 1 month to buy


Pros: Clarity, Vocals, Bass

Cons: Price

I have listened to many earphones, over the ear "cans", including Bose Noise Cancelling, and nothing, I mean nothing compares to this experience in good listening. I was happy with them when I first received them, but then I started to look up the interchangeable sleeves, and was curious as to what were the differences. The ones that come with the earphones are a neutral, yet tremendous sounding sleeve, but then I curiously looked at the black sleeves, which were labelled "warm". I took about 20 minutes to figure out the way to change them (took my time, since small parts involved and didn't want to break them, or lose anything). I just put them on with the warm "black sleeves", and these...
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A unconventional review for a unconventional IEM


Pros: Subwoofer effect in a compact housing, Excellent bass, Transparency, Clarity, Mids

Cons: Slightly large, Expensive

At the beginning of my journey, I couldn't fathom myself spending so much on an IEM. I was and still am an enthusiast. The title of "audiophile" is something that still eludes me. I don't know all the linguo, nor do can I discern the most minute differences between IEMs. What I do know is that I had a moment when I put on these headphones for the first time. The bass on these are nothing short of extraordinary. I frankly did not expect this type of performance from something so compact. Shure set out to mimic the performance of a subwoofer in a housing that's the size of the tip of your finger, a tough task, yet they succeeded, and then some. The bass is powerful and convincing, but not...
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