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Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


The SE535 LTD with a subwoofer and customizability


Pros: low/mid bass, mids

Cons: Treble extension, cost

I'll keep this short.   Build quality: 5/5. Looks very solid and durable. The cable seems like it will last a while, and if it doesn't - you get a second one for free anyway. The Y split is very beefy. The jack is also beefy and looks like it will last a long time. The earpieces look durable as well. They have weight to them. They look and feel expensive - and they are. They even have removable metal nozzles. No worries about breaking those tight fitting olives! Well, you might break the olives. Not the nozzles though!   Sound: These things sound great. For this portion I will mostly be referring to their sound with the blue (default) filters. I've owned many top tier...
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Negative Reviews


Not worth 250% pricetag in comparison with SE535


Pros: Sound like SE535 which means excellent for me

Cons: 250% price penalty not offering a substantially better sound

Got the SE846 last week and did some hours of comparison with my current SE535. My bias was towards keeping them - I like flagship products as a "there is nothing better" products, i.e. do not bother about upgrades anymore. My setup is a Cowon Z2 attached to an ALO audio Rx Mark3-B, and both headphones equipped with new triple-flanges, which perfectly isolate my ears for a good bass response. I think I am experienced enough with top quality headphones to judge on subtle headphone characteristics and the overall performance, though I am by no means a geek with an unlimited dollar setup.   My overall impression is simple: Even after repeatedly listening into different songs, I simply...
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Fantastic. Unbelievable


Pros: Bass, sub bass, mids, customizable highs, build quality, company strength, accessories, aesthetics

Cons: No mobile version cable for phone control

Will keep this short.....   They cost a grand because......, well -THAT'S WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You get what you pay for, and when you pay 1000.00 for a pair of IEMS, this is what you get.   Bass that you feel deep down and low.  True subwoofer performance.  Amazing bass/sub bass.  Mids are fantastic and Highs, for me, are spot on.   These things make my massive music collection new again. Hearing things in songs I never heard before.  The detail, the clarity and realism are second to none.  They far out perform my W40s.   This is a game ender for me.  The search is over.  All I have to do now is sit...
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Outstanding and innovative


Pros: Bass of a neutral full sized headphone, clean and with the extremely low distortion you only find in a $1,500 flagship

Cons: Doesn't isolate as well as the SE425 (unless you mod it); it's still just an IEM, meaning it will never sound as good as a full sized headphone

The only other IEM I've ever tried is the Shure SE425. The SE846 has not only better bass (obviously) but I confirmed that it has better treble and mids. The SE425 sounds downright muddy relative to these. The treble is very slightly rolled off on the SE846, I think, but that's subjective so it might be just right for you. The bass on these is like everyone says, tight, deep, natural and undistorted. But it's not at all like beats or other boomy headphones. Play a bass heavy track and you'll hear it with quality, but it doesn't inject bass where it doesn't belong and it is not excessive. It also sounds nothing like a proper subwoofer; it's no where near that impactful and strong (you can...
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