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Shure SE535LTD RED Reviews


Glad I opened the box!


Pros: an ethereal existence on gossamer wings

Cons: only two ears to use; how can I get to 7.1?

When we were over in Asia last year I had a couple chances to visit the Hong Kong tech meccas.  I was very pleased to buy one sealed set of these, thinking I might pass the favor on to a fellow head-fiér.  As it was, I put an ad up but the closest I got to a reasonable bid was still below my out-of-pocket.  And YES, I did pay the customs duty when I brought them in!   Since no one was that eager to pay what I was asking, I decided to open the box in mid-December, awarding myself an early Xmas present.  I'm so glad I did!  These Shures have a very different sound from my bronze and clear Shure sets.  (Incidentally, all my IEMs are now on Comply...
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Amazing iem


Pros: Deep Soundstage, Crisp Highs and Mids, Durable, Range of Tips

Cons: Price, Can't keep up with fast songs


My Very First Flagship Choice


Pros: Good Clarity, Deep Soundstage, Balanced Sound, Beautiful!

Cons: May not be the best for universal flagship IEM, price, short cable.

After struggling to find an ideal universal flagship IEM, I finally chose Shure SE535SE.   Reason: Cheaper deal I got over here, compared to W4R which will be around USD$100 more. A strange affinity towards Shure brand. Beautifully painted body and beautiful packaging.   Honestly, I'm not really particular in auditioning the IEM before purchase. Reason is because it takes time to appreciate or get used to the new sound signature. And I wanted a flagship IEM so that I can stop (temporarily) searching for a better IEM while learning what BA drivers can do. Probably later I'll go for W4R or EX1000, where the latter would be more intriguing.   I'm a dynamic...
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Pros: excellent sound quality, excellent build quality, great isolation and comfort, awesome color, good tips and accessories

Cons: cable is a bit short, very pricey

These have excellent mids, vocals sound very sweet, typical Shure. Good treble with some sparkle, although less sparkle/piercing than the normal SE535, but more refined. Bass is great, low and punchy, not overly emphasized, just the way it is meant to be heard. Soundstage is okay, not as big as the Westone 4.   Sound isloation is excellent, for me it's better than Shure SE315 and SE215. Very comfortable and snug with the black foam tips. Cable is robust, but I wish it is longer by like 10cm, right now it's 116cm.   Although they say "enhanced high frequency response", the red 535 aren't that much better than the normal 535, just a little less emphasis on mids...
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Some hits will not take this down


Pros: Great clarity & details, no coloration (neutral), good soundstage

Cons: lame bass response, the high is too harsh when combined w/ my amp

When I listened to the sound for the 1st time, I was hit by it. I was punched by the not-punchy-bass. I was hoping it would offer much better bass response than SE315.. equals to Klipsch Image X10i. It gives better bass than SE315 but still far from Image X10i. The bass is still too weak, or just say not punchy. I am not a bass lover. I just want the sounds  to be there whenever they are there, incl the punch. It's just the bass, fortunately. As for other details & freqs, I can listen to them more clearly than my other IEMs. I like the neutrality of the presentation & the soundstage. (Maybe the price that made me overexpecting, it is more expensive than X10i!) Another hit...
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Excellent Universal IEM

I mostly listen to rock (U2, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Buckethead, etc) and classical (Yo-Yo Ma, etc), but also blues (BB King, Albert King, etc) and some electronic & rap (Prodigy, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, etc).   Overall, this is a fantastic IEM.  The highs and mids are amazing and the bass is adequate.  The bass has been discussed fairly extensively in the forum and while I agree that a bit more punch would be nice, the detail of the bass provided is superb.  The highs are in no way too strong or aggressive.  And the mids are as great as others have said.  One aspect that I really appreciate is that the vocals shine and are exceptionally audible compared...
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Complete review and... A journey with the "Reds"


Pros: Instrument separation, sound stage, smooth & liquid sound

Cons: Price, can be sibilant with poorly mastered recordings

I've now finished getting used to these so the full review is complete and the score is accurate. Continue on past the review for a short tale about getting used to these phones... I hope you'll stick with me and I hope that this tale helps in the discovery process of new headphones or earphones.   The Review   Many people will balk at the price of the Shure's and I nearly did too, but I'm glad I went ahead. I have jumped straight from Re0s to the red 535s so I can't provide a comparison with other IEMs in between. No doubt there is some level of dimishing returns at play when you spend $450 on IEMs, but I bought these as much for their design as for their sound. ...
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My experience with the red candies


Pros: excellent soundstage and imagery, musical, a masterpiece for vocal and orchestral songs

Cons: mediacore cables, lacks transparency compared to W4, still not a good choice for fast and heavy songs, warranty only available in asia

  Shure SE535LTD Review     Packaging and Ergonomics Nothing much to expect, they are very similar to the SE535 with the exception of the cheap packaging. Maybe shure is going green as i expected a much better presentation coming out from a high end universal IEM (haha even the Westone UM series has nice solid packaging). Accessories however are excellent, no different from the usual (olive foam tips, yellow foam tips, triple flange sillicon tips, cleaning tool, airline adapter, 1/4" adapter, attenuator and a hard clamshell carrying case)   Now here comes the disappointing part; the cables. I just feel that the cable is a tad flimsier than the SE535s...
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