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My Very First Flagship Choice

A Review On: Shure SE535LTD RED

Shure SE535LTD RED

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Pros: Good Clarity, Deep Soundstage, Balanced Sound, Beautiful!

Cons: May not be the best for universal flagship IEM, price, short cable.

After struggling to find an ideal universal flagship IEM, I finally chose Shure SE535SE.



Cheaper deal I got over here, compared to W4R which will be around USD$100 more.

A strange affinity towards Shure brand.

Beautifully painted body and beautiful packaging.


Honestly, I'm not really particular in auditioning the IEM before purchase. Reason is because it takes time to appreciate or get used to the new sound signature. And I wanted a flagship IEM so that I can stop (temporarily) searching for a better IEM while learning what BA drivers can do. Probably later I'll go for W4R or EX1000, where the latter would be more intriguing.


I'm a dynamic guy. So BA is kinda fresh to me. What this IEM lacks compared to dynamic ones is the bass punch. It's decent, but not as airy and powerful compared to dynamics. But the thing that impressed me right out of the box is the sense of depth in soundstage. Boy I was really enjoying the chanting and whistling behind the back of the songs in Hell Freezes Over.


Frankly speaking, this thing is not 50% much better than any IEM 50% cheaper than it. Value wise, it's better to go for cheaper alternatives, like SE425, or what I've tried myself: GR07, EPH-100, and those ultra value buy dynamic IEMs. However, there'll be time when I felt discontented with the lack of something in the sound by those IEM, and wanting more. Thus here I am, listening to the SE535SE.


This IEM is highly dependent on the source you feed it. The better the source, the more it will be able to perform. In short, Source>Headphones.


Edit (11/23/12): After a few month using it, I noticed that:

1. Bass: Bass is deep, but not having much impact. While remaining airy, the bass don't punch the ears. Even on pop songs which normally have powerful bass, 535LTD isn't really portraying any much punches.

2. Details: Arguably one of the better IEM with good details However, due to the nature of the FR (rolled off treble), much micro details isn't really in-yo-face. Well, I guess 535LTD is more towards fluidity of the presentation rather than a microscope analyzing all the details (or defects) of the song. It's very enjoyable, yet not for those who demands excellent micros.

3. This thing isn't really isolating 100% of the sound. It blocks out most of the little annoyance, but not moving trains or roaring thunders. I'm not sure if it's due to my use of the Olives, but 535 to me is brest used with the Olives.


Thanks for reading. And enjoy your music :b


How many units were these limited to?
I don't know. I think it's not limited edition, more like only for sale in Asia.
How do you compare it to the EPH-100?
Both of them are quite distinctive.
Bass: EPH's bass is airy due to the dynamic nature. 535 is tighter, less airy.
Mids: Shure's trump card. EPH cannot touch it.
Treble: Both have significant roll off, but EPH sounds like it tries to veil the high frequency with dark noise.
Stage: EPH-100 doesn't have the 3D feel in soundstage. It's more linear. But both have good instrument positioning.
Comfort: Both are almost the same, while EPH can be worn more easily.
Does the SE535 have more clarity than the EPH-100?
Clarity? I can't say 535 exceeds by miles, but in some tracks, 535 can portray micros with ease, while EPH-100 tends to mumble away the details. Treble wise, both are rolled off.
Hey, thanks for the info!
No problem. It's just impressions. YMMV.
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