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A Review On: Shure SE535LTD RED

Shure SE535LTD RED

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Pros: excellent sound quality, excellent build quality, great isolation and comfort, awesome color, good tips and accessories

Cons: cable is a bit short, very pricey

These have excellent mids, vocals sound very sweet, typical Shure.

Good treble with some sparkle, although less sparkle/piercing than the normal SE535, but more refined.

Bass is great, low and punchy, not overly emphasized, just the way it is meant to be heard.

Soundstage is okay, not as big as the Westone 4.


Sound isloation is excellent, for me it's better than Shure SE315 and SE215.

Very comfortable and snug with the black foam tips.

Cable is robust, but I wish it is longer by like 10cm, right now it's 116cm.


Although they say "enhanced high frequency response", the red 535 aren't that much better than the normal 535, just a little less emphasis on mids and a bit more details in the treble, same bass reponse.


The red SE535 are much more passionate and engaging than the Westone 4/4R, which are probably their biggest competitor, I prefer the Shures over the Westones; just my opinion. I highly recommend these earphones.




I've had them for over a month and I'm very pleased with what I'm hearing. They don't seem to change that much with burn in.

I've also realized the black foam gives a better sound than the gray silicone tips, the foam has more bass, and has a fuller, richer sound, while the gray silicone has a cold, metallic sound with harsh treble, and less bass. It's a very minor difference by the way.

The nozzles of the red 535s seem quite delicate, I could heard squeaky sounds from them when I was changing the ear tips.







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