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They're astonishing.

A Review On: Shure SE535LTD RED

Shure SE535LTD RED

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Pros: Astonishing mids, awesome trebles, great construction quality.

Cons: Maybe not so many bass frequencies.

First of all, before the SE535 I had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro, so I was habituated with many bass frequencies and forced to put them repetitively inside of the ear because of their weight. I’m absolutely not saying that the Turbines wasn’t a good pair of earphones, in fact they were my personal favorite pair in spite of their defects. After 2 years of happiness with my Monsters, I decided to go to the next level, with a more comfortable and more detailed pair of earphones, but without spending more than 500 dollars.. I finally opted for the Shure SE535. The first time that I wore them, it took me about 30 minutes or more just to understand how to put them in my ears, but at the end of that complicated process they were so magnificently comfortable and well inserted in my ears.. that I struggled to understand that they were in my ears.

However let’s go directly on the sound review: I use them with an iPod Classic 7th Generation and rigorously all WAVE format songs, with a Fostex HP-P1 amplifier with DAC and an AudioQuest silver plated high definition cable; simply I've never heard Mids and Trebles so perfectly in a pair of earphones like in these, I can hear details, voices, instruments and effects that I’ve never heard before with other earphones. The voices of the singers are so greatly evidenced, pure and naturals that seems to have them in front of your eyes, amazing details with an astonishing speed of response, really.. I’ve never heard something like these beasts. I simply can’t describe the sensations that I feel when I use them, just with words, you have to try them before judge.

The only defect that I could find in these, is the bass frequencies.. yes, there’s so many basses don’t worry, but not so many as I expected.


Final Judgments:



MIDS: 8/9




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