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Shure SE535LTD RED Reviews

Positive Reviews


The best iem on earth for the 549$


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

Most people are looking for assurances that the reviewer of a product is qualified, so allow me to indulge briefly: I'm a lifelong musician, sound engineer, and headphone enthusiast/general audiophile. I love music not only for the artistry and quality of arrangement, musicianship, etc, but also for the beauty of sound that comes from the recording/mastering process, ultimately delivered through your speakers or headphones. The first thing most listeners will notice with the 535's is their phenomenal mid-range response, which is largely out of style in most of today's popular (read: crap) audio products. The tight, clean bass is delightfully present in the mix without clouding over other...
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Negative Reviews


Analyzing the Analytical


Pros: Details are plentiful, especially in the mids

Cons: Treble Roll-Off, Bass lacks punch, price vs. sound quality

I was looking for an excellent universal IEM with multiple drivers to fit my portable listening needs. Ideally, I would have my beloved LCD-2's in a portable package. I have become addicted to the effortless brightness of those headphones and their versatility. I'm sad that I can't wear them all the time, which is why I need something portable. I have listened to and enjoyed many low end IEMs (including a sub $100 set of Shures) since my first pair of IEMs (Etymotic ER-4P's) were destroyed, but none of them were able to completely satisfy my needs. Towards that end, I had been eyeing custom molded IEMs, but I'm always too impatient and decided to try the upper range universal fit IEMs...
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More Reviews


Overall Good IEMs


Pros: Clarity is great, Mids are great, Highs sound good as well, Execelent soundstage, Detachable cables.

Cons: Lacking in the bass department

So I decided to jump ship from my old SE215s to the SE535LTDs.  Originally I thought these IEMs sounded like crap and I thought I got a chinese copy or something.  Though then when I attached one SE215 bud on one ear and a 535 bud on another, I came to realize that wow the 535 is lacking in the bass department compared to the SE215s.  I decided to screw it and keep them and burn them in to see how the sound changes.    Sound:   After burning these guys in, it's safe to say that these were a great investment, the sound stage is excellent, the highs are crisp and the in house shure mids are great as always.  Listening to one of my favorite bands Yes,...
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Shure could have made it better


Pros: sounds great, looks nice

Cons: pricy, fragile

Every thing about the se535 was great, but you have to stop it from falling apart, that just not great. The connecting parts of the headphone is fragile, all the silicon parts just don't stay where they are. I think it's unforgivable for this universal great brand and the price of it. I mean the free headphone of sansung is much tougher than it. I know it's a great item for it's sound, but these little issue would also drive a customer mad. Shure, you've made it great, why don't you try harder and make it greater, it's all about the details.

Excellent isolation


Pros: good sound precision, replaceable cable

Cons: High price, expensive cables

very solid stuff, the main cable is a bit too long. Since I got it, I never felt like needing another one.

Amazing, but not for everyone


Pros: The mids..velvety

Cons: Bass, not reaching low enough and not like in your face.

So this is my first review and please bear with me. I had the SE535ltd for 6 months now, so I think it's time for me to put on a review. I bought this set as a birthday present for myself and I bought it after a 30 minute session at Jaben with the brown 535. As all knows, Jaben sold it slightly more expensive than street price but I still bought it because they showed me good service and reputation. I don't have a pair of good ear, right ear got injured before so it's not perfect I assume, and I do not know how to describe a sound like writing novel. Bass : The 535ltd do have bass, I don't know what those guys that said 536 got zero bass, you probably have a faulty ear, or a super...
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They're astonishing.


Pros: Astonishing mids, awesome trebles, great construction quality.

Cons: Maybe not so many bass frequencies.

First of all, before the SE535 I had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro, so I was habituated with many bass frequencies and forced to put them repetitively inside of the ear because of their weight. I’m absolutely not saying that the Turbines wasn’t a good pair of earphones, in fact they were my personal favorite pair in spite of their defects. After 2 years of happiness with my Monsters, I decided to go to the next level, with a more comfortable and more detailed pair of earphones, but without spending more than 500 dollars.. I finally opted for the Shure SE535. The first time that I wore them, it took me about 30 minutes or more just to understand how to put them in my ears, but...
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Best IEM'S for the money ATM


Pros: Excellent Quality Well Defined Sound Through All 3 Ranges

Cons: Can Be Difficult To Find The Best Tip To Extract That Amazing Sound

Hi, I've been patiently waiting for my 535Ltd's to get a good few hours run in (this includes the stock cable & an upgraded 3rd party cable purchased from eBay, OFC Silver plated copper with Oyaide Plug). I'll just be giving you my thoughts on the 535 reds & try to refrain from too much into towards cable choice etc... Unboxing ; The Shure Red's Packaging was nothing special & thus would probably lead you to think there's nothing special inside... Not like say Unboxing something like a set of Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Buds where the packaging is exquisite to say the least... But that's no bad thing as sometimes fancy looking packaging gets your hopes up too much Contents ; The...
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Glad I opened the box!


Pros: an ethereal existence on gossamer wings

Cons: only two ears to use; how can I get to 7.1?

When we were over in Asia last year I had a couple chances to visit the Hong Kong tech meccas.  I was very pleased to buy one sealed set of these, thinking I might pass the favor on to a fellow head-fiér.  As it was, I put an ad up but the closest I got to a reasonable bid was still below my out-of-pocket.  And YES, I did pay the customs duty when I brought them in!   Since no one was that eager to pay what I was asking, I decided to open the box in mid-December, awarding myself an early Xmas present.  I'm so glad I did!  These Shures have a very different sound from my bronze and clear Shure sets.  (Incidentally, all my IEMs are now on Comply...
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