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It seems odd this gear is not mentioned

A Review On: Shure SE535-V Earphone

Shure SE535-V Earphone

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Pros: Mids! Mids! Bottom! Comfort!

Cons: Not everyone can have them.

It amuses me when I come to this section and see these wonderful earphones in 85th place. The only reason this can be is the folks who buy these just enjoy them and don't feel the need to write about them. But then you head into the forums and they are at least one of the most discussed items. Odd.


Well I'll speak up then. I have owned the SE 500s, which needed repair at some point after the warranty expired. Shure sent me SE530s for a modest fee. When the SE535s  appeared I read what I could and finally found a pair at a price I was willing to pay. I have been using them foe some time now and I am very pleased with them.


The differences between the 530s and the 535s may seem subtle to many, to me they are most obvious. In my ears the 530s, with their rounded body are more comfortable. The 535's are noticably less comfortable in my ears. It isn't a major difference but it's there. But the cable system on the 535 is wonderful. I strongly prefer the short bit of memory wire and the 360 degree joint. They are so easy to put in and they stay put nicely. I am also pleased that I will be able to replace the cable rather than the entire earphone when the cable wears away.


Sonically, I am so happy when I have the 530s in, I just love the sound. But then I reach for the 535s and I immediately enjoy a greater level of satisfaction, not subtle at all. Warmer bottom, absolutely stellar mids, and a nice high end that never leaves me wanting. It's just so much nicer and more involving with the 535s. I use the 530s in the gym, and the 535s elsewhere. The only reason I do this is I prefer the very short cord on the 530s in the gym. (plus, they are perfectly good phones, why not keep enjoying them?)


If I want to really listen to music and enjoy it to the fullest, I reach for the 535s.


Other phones I own include Koss Porta Pros, Etymotic ER-4P, Audio-Technica ATH-M50S, Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10.

I have long enjoyed the Porta Pros, Before I bought the Shures I enjoyed the Etymotics, (still have them, never use them) and the M50s are new and I like them quite a bit as well. The Ultimate Ears are not for me. No sir.


Hopefully some other people enjoy these 535s and maybe we can drag them out into the sunshine where they belong.


Hello Friend,
If my doubt would,
The SE535 shure used for a month, it is worth buying $ 468.43?
has not guaranteed because it has not note, it is imported.
In my opinion they are definitely worth the cost. I hope you'll agree.
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