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Shure SE535-V Earphone Reviews


Good all around IEM


Pros: Construction is solid, good ergonomics and isolation, good balance for the price, mids and highs shine, Shure customer support is top notch.

Cons: Bass feels a little compressed

THE GOOD   Shure products are durable and well constructed. The cables are supple but very resilient. The IEM housing is durable as well as the MMXC connectors. Overall the construction is good.   Shure tips never come off and only with a struggle. You are  given a good variety of tips.    They are good balanced IEMs where they excel mostly in good mids and decent lows and highs.    I have sent in Shure IEMs three times and have them processed ASAP with care. No complaints here.   THE BAD   The bass feels a little enveloped or compressed. I am not sure what's happening but there's a noticeable drop off. THE UGLY   I am not...
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Tyll isn't wrong often and on these he's right, they sound great


Pros: Sound, mids, separation, clarity, isolation

Cons: price, takes time to fit them into your ears if you use the olives, cable fiddly, might be too isolating for some use

Quite good. I wouldn't use the term liquid gold in ear that Tyll did (I don't get that excited about audio...) but he has a point they really are very good. Like all other options there will always be some who says otherwise. You'll find a lot of people say the Westone (W40 for example) are better. I don't know I didn't try them yet.   I picked these because I find that while I enjoy the presentation of my Beyer t50ps they do tire me after a while and I suspect a few light headaches were caused by them as well. Looking at the measurement plots I can see the frequency response of the W40s has a familiar treble hump (just like most beyers). And I wanted something that's a bit more...
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Great sound, nice bass, great mids


Pros: Mids, overal SQ, build, cable

Cons: Thin bass

These earphones are slightly overpriced compared to some competitive earphones. I think.   I love the over-ear construction and the isolation is superb.    The sound quality is impressive and you really need to upgrade your music collection to at least 192kbps. I def hear difference between 128kbps songs and 256kbps. So I've imported al my music with AAC @ 256kbps.   As for the bass. It can be quit thin sometimes. Don't get me wrong, the bass is def there when you pick a bass-heavy song. Toto - Africa is an good example.    But it are the mids that stand out the most. Vocals sound very very clear and the soundstage is huge. I discovered details...
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Out of balance ...


Pros: Mids, wide soundstage, isolation, open direct sound, build quality, replaceable cord

Cons: Poor positioning & composure, lows lack agility and punch, highs are mechanical and hissing, lacks depth, tiring sound, big, expensive!

Not to repeat myself. You can read the review/comparison here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/605222/review-phonak-pfe-232-vs-shure-se535

Lovely mids, bass and treble lacking


Pros: Mid frequencies, sound isolation, customer service

Cons: Thin bass, tight fitting tips on nozzle

*I have listened to the Shure SE535 using iPhone 4S and the latest iPod Classic (6th Generation). The below sums up my listening experience from these sources only.*   To my ears vocals sound better through the Shures than any other earphones I’ve heard. Voices are rich and clear. I often listen to audiobooks or Radio 4; just listening to people talking is a joy. However, I find the lower frequencies too thin. Bass is there, and is textured well enough to be able to distinguish between bass instruments, but it just doesn’t hit my ears with enough oomph to be pleasurable. I’m no ‘bass head’ but I do like to feel bass, not just hear it in the distance.   That the mid...
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Good sound stage


Pros: Clear sound, clean bass and treble , forward mid. Large sound stage

Cons: hard wire

Bass hit enough to my ear with accurate of level and frequency. Its bass responds so good and can feel when you change bass fre. just 5Hz! Very detail bass it is. Mid is very concentrate and forward field. Treble clear,clean, but a bit hi-cut due to 19Khz support only. That is better than some others give plus freq for high but feel like too metalic. Right? One thing I dont like is the capble. Rotation joint is good but wire is quite hard. It reduce the satisfying of the main body

Shure SE535 Bronze


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Replaceable Cable, Array of included tips, Sound Isolation, Durable Included Cable with Kevlar

Cons: Price (UK), No iPhone mic and controls included

  Intro  I'm no audiophile so sorry if I don't use the appropriate terminology within my review. I'm just a guy who likes to enjoy his music where ever I go. I usually commute most my life (to university and work) so I want a really good pair of earphones that will last as my companion for as long as possible and are compatible with my iphone 4, these are my requirements.  The path to the shures se535  First I bought the shures se315 and I weren't really impressed with them so I changed to these. I've come from a few high end headphones (for me anyway):  Shures SE115m+ - I really liked them but I was looking for something better so I gave them...
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It seems odd this gear is not mentioned


Pros: Mids! Mids! Bottom! Comfort!

Cons: Not everyone can have them.

It amuses me when I come to this section and see these wonderful earphones in 85th place. The only reason this can be is the folks who buy these just enjoy them and don't feel the need to write about them. But then you head into the forums and they are at least one of the most discussed items. Odd.   Well I'll speak up then. I have owned the SE 500s, which needed repair at some point after the warranty expired. Shure sent me SE530s for a modest fee. When the SE535s  appeared I read what I could and finally found a pair at a price I was willing to pay. I have been using them foe some time now and I am very pleased with them.   The differences between the 530s and...
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