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A Review On: Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)

Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)

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Pros: Incredibly spacious sound-stage, deep and extended low-end, amazingly smooth and clear mid-range, bright and lively high-end.

Cons: Price (for most), ruthlessly merciless to poor sources and source materials.

Received these beauties around early february, I then proceeded to initially connect them to my Nokia Lumia 800 and was moderately impressed by the sound qualityBefore taking the leap to purchase these, I had read multiple reviews from and Google, suffice to say I was not thoroughly impressed with these; it sounded slightly muddy and distorted which prompted the realisation that I had just wasted my money ordering these from a Hong Kong retailer. I refused to give up yet, and my persistence on the web revealed that the Nokia Lumia 800 was infamous for its atrocious music playback quality.


I then decided to invest in a high-end portable audio player and after reading several reviews, I purchased the Cowon iAudio 9 and transferred my flac music files onto it. Now I truly understood why so many people had been praising these IEMs, the sound-stage was considerably wider, the lows had a signficant amount more impact and extension, the mids were amazingly clear, the highs were incredibly revealing and lively and the fantastic stereo seperation allowed me to pick out details in the music that I never knew were there - on some tracks, I was so shocked by the new details which I was hearing that I began wondering how I never knew they existed. This provided the perception of being in a live concert due to how lively and incredibly smooth these monitors sounded in my ears. 


These monitors are EXTREMELY unforgiving to poor sources and source materials. Put rubbish in; receive rubbish in return. These monitors will reveal ALMOST  everything you give them; providing the source and source materials are up to par. 


If the bass seems light to you, mids sound recessed, highs sound bright/sibilant and sound-stage sounds small, then the problem could be one of the following: YOU DO NOT have a good enough seal, you've spent too much time listening to bass-heavy/coloured low-end earphones, you're using the wrong tips, your source is pathetic (YES - that applies to over 95% of all apple 'i' products; be it iPods or iPhones), your source material is pathetic (if you want to listen to low-bitrate music files, then why are you even reading this?!), you're pushing the ear sleeves too low on the nozzle (they should be right at the notch on the nozzle to prevent sibilant sounding highs and improve the sound stage).


Obtain all of the aforementioned factors and enjoy pure sonic bliss courtesy of the Shure IEMs engineers


The Shure SE535 is simply STELLAR and will NEVER be the limiting factor in one's quest for portable audio perfection!

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where did you get it for $330?