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A Review On: Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)

Shure SE535-CL Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable (Clear)

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Pros: Good bass thump, good highs/mids, easy to drive

Cons: Can be uncomfortable, the cord can be anoying

DISCLAIMER: I am an audio appreciator, not an Audiophile. I hope.



I owned a pair of Shure 215s for a few days before I picked these up. My initial reaction to the 215s was disapointment. They provided great isolation, but the sound seemed flat to me. I purchased the Shure 215s to replace Sennheisers IE7. (Which is why they felt "flat" to me I think!) Currently I alternate from the 535s and Westone 4Rs.



I bought these in Korea, so I paid too much for them. That said, I'd say a good price point for them would be 350-400ish. That might be because I don't like to spend money. Value-wise, they feel really well made and the sound is good. The cord itself might outlast some DAPs!



Highs & Mids - (to me) sound good! Some things sound better to me out of the Shure 535 than my Sennheiser HD650. (Out of a Fiio E9 at least.)

Bass - This is what I like the 535s for. The bass actually feels like it makes an impact. Its clear and it's punctuated well.

Soundstage - Westone 4Rs beat out the 535s I think. That's not to say anything feels 'cramped' on these. Things sound good, its just not as spacious or spread out to me as the Westone 4 makes things sound.



Initially I had issues with this IEM hurting my ears if I wore them longer than an hour. The casing was big (perhaps my ears are small) so when the IEM rested against the bottom of my ear it would actually press down on it and cause my ear to hurt. Eventually I put an extreme kink in the cable at the base of the housing and it became comfortable to wear.

Cable - This is both good and bad. It's nice, long, and is very very sturdy. At the same time, if you're having to move it away, it can be a hassle. If it's lying against your neck, you'll definitely feel it.

Driveability - Anything can use this. It sounds better with a bit of an amp however. (Or so it seems to me.)



"Wow." Isolation-wise, this IEM has the best isolation of an IEM that I've tried. Those Shure Olives are pretty amazing at what they do.



It'd say it's a great buy, especially if you can get it for $400-$450. If you are looking for something that is;

durable, noise-isolating, good with bass...Then this is an IEM to consider.



If you'd like something with a wider soundstage and a bit more emphasis on highs with a bit less isolation/punchy bass, then look up the Westone 4Rs.


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