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Shure SE425 Earphone Reviews


Amazing noise isolation beyond anything I expected, good enough sound for its purpose


Pros: Noise isolation. It's like wearing hearos earplugs.

Cons: The wires are really stiff, sound isn't anywhere close to a similar priced over the ear headphone

I use these when exercising next to cars. I used to use sealed closed back headphones which didn't block out noise well, but these definitely do. When outside in a loud environment and wearing these, I set the MP3 player's volume to the same level I use when listening to these IEMs in a quiet room. The isolation is that good (I use comply sleeves, but the sleeves included were also pretty decent).   However, I was definitely disappointed by the sound quality, relative to a $300 over the ear headphone. I will never choose this over a headphone if listening to music in a quiet environment. The selling point on these isn't sound quality, but rather noise isolation. I won't take more...
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Solid Sound stage and Crisp Clean Quality for Acoustic


Pros: Sound Stage is very wide, Dual Driver separates tones, Comfortable Fit

Cons: Lack of bass, Tips are hard to remove

I've been holding off the write this review because I wanted to give myself a good long time with these headphones before I broke them down. Starting off with look and comfort these are above par, the clear models give you the sense of technology added to the already quality given by them. At first I was skeptical about using IEM on a daily basis because my ears tend to be sensitive, but after just seconds of trying to figure out how to wear them properly they fit like a glow and with the right bit rated song these seemed to melt into my head, in other words I began to forget they were there. Although these are the least bass heavy of the SE models they create a very warming feeling...
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Not easy to get along with at first, but ultimately emerges a winner.


Pros: Detailed sound. Lovely mids. Wide assortment of tips that isolate well.

Cons: Bass perception is an issue.

Excellent IEMs for detail, clarity, and flat response across the whole sound spectrum. Love them, especially with the stock yellow foams. For a factual reprsentation of your music, really,really good. Not recommended for low bit files. For "fun" listening, it lacks a bit of bass. I use an AK100. AK100 comes with a very slight v-shaped EQ. When making the V-shape more pronounced I could get more bass from these things, at the expense of some detail. Still, very satisfactory. I tried third party cables and these changed the signature somewhat. Some added a bit of bass. Others added some soundstage. Satisfactory, but never quiet sold on the changes, so for now I settled back on the stock...
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Shure SE425


Pros: Excellent sound quality, fit, and soundstage

Cons: None, from my perspective

I'm not as experienced as other members here in headfi, but I can assure you that you won't be disappointed a single bit if you are coming from sub 200 dollars price range. I've been using earphones all the way from Apple's stock earphones, Audiotechnica sub 100 dollars, to Sennheiser sub 150. This SE425 just rocks. Of course, I got a deal for used pair for 152 USD, but that doesn't mean the sound quality degraded (actually, the previous owner burned-in, so it was a good sounding IEM from the beginning for me.)   One thing that I like about this design is that you can sleep while wearing these without a problem. It doesnt protrude from your ear, so no worries about them...
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Shure SE425 review


Pros: Linear, analytic, fit, isolation

Cons: Sound signature, SQ

Coming from headphones such as the sennheiser HD25-1 ii and HD650 I was expecting much better SQ from these in ears.   They sound cold, really cold. It sounds as if you're listening to music through a tin can. They are detailed however, but it makes everything sound cheap. I haven't listened to these for long, just a day. But I'm pretty sure I will never get used to the sound signature, nor do I want to. For the price they offer little SQ, I will be going back to the headphone world...   They do fit beautifully in the ear, they look rather like customs, and the isolation is terrific. So just get the SE215 for on stage use etc.    



Pros: great solid flat sound, comfortable, isolating

Cons: the cables are the worst things in world

play music professionally. these sound great. been through 3 of them in 90 days. buy the insurance from guitar center - if you're on tour with these and the left side goes out (it will) you'll be screwed for a week. seriously - buy these - but DO NOT hit the road with out replacement cables. and don't use them for anything other than rehearsals or shows - if they crap out on you mid-set, that's on them...  if you lose a side to WTF you're gonna be even more pissed.    

Difficult to Wear


Pros: Great sound, Great brand and customer service

Cons: The fit will give you fits. Lacks comfort.

I got my pairs (plural) because my last pair of tried and trusty EC-4s bit the dust.. losing the left channel as they tend to do over 3 or 4 years.  In the past, I'd send $100 dollars and the EC-4s to Shure, who'd fix them and send them back.  Good to go.   Unfortunately, Shure has end-of-lifed the EC-4s.  Boo!  So rather than fixing them, they replaced them with two brand new pairs of SE425's-- right off the store shelves.  Impressive that Shure backs their gear as well as they do, it says a lot about the company's integrity.     So now I'm left with two brand-new pair of SE425's.  They are VERY different from the EC-4s, and not in a...
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Smooth and Natural


Pros: New modular cable design feels very solid and well executed, relatively flat sound signature, Bass is present but not obtrusive.

Cons: Getting a proper fit is difficult at first.

These are my second pair of Shure IEMs. I had enjoyed the SE210s for a long time before taking the plunge on these. Since these are meant to be worn up only and the cable rotates freely where it attaches to the monitor, it took some getting used to the new cable design. Sound quality is definitely leaps and bounds above the SE210s. The bass is IMO much more substantial on the 425s but very fitting to the music I listen to (all shades of rock). I tried sampling some electronic music with these IEMs and was quite impressed but I will warn that these IEMs do not produce "Pounding" bass.   Design and Fit The new modular cable design seems almost perfectly executed - The cables...
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Pros: inexpensive and great mids and deep bass without the usual bass hump. work ok with higher impedance amps

Cons: strange build quality, comfort and sound sig is not as refined as higher end iems.

These are great with comply tips. They look a bit flimsy build quality wise, and a couple of people on amazon have broken off the stems, while replacing the tips - which is a bit of a worry if you buy them used as I did. The bass is nice and deep but not boomy, but the mids are relatively emphasized and the highs are somewhat recessed (again relatively). This makes them sound somewhat thick and congested compared to say SM3v1/2 or UM mage or aero. Bass texture is pretty good, but again, 3-4 BA IEMs can do it better. Same goes for mids resolution and texture. Unlike the 12-18 ohm higher end multidriver BAs, these are 22ohm and do ok with even my bad musiland amp 3ohm output. (a lot of...
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