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Shure SE425 review

A Review On: Shure SE425 Earphone

Shure SE425 Earphone

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Pros: Linear, analytic, fit, isolation

Cons: Sound signature, SQ

Coming from headphones such as the sennheiser HD25-1 ii and HD650 I was expecting much better SQ from these in ears.


They sound cold, really cold. It sounds as if you're listening to music through a tin can.

They are detailed however, but it makes everything sound cheap.

I haven't listened to these for long, just a day. But I'm pretty sure I will never get used to the sound signature, nor do I want to.

For the price they offer little SQ, I will be going back to the headphone world...


They do fit beautifully in the ear, they look rather like customs, and the isolation is terrific.

So just get the SE215 for on stage use etc.




Yea... the bass is really lacking and makes them sound cold, tinny and the separation is pretty bad as well.
The SE535 do a much better job.
Yeah I have read really great things about the SE535, but they are really, really expensive, like almost 400 euros, unless you're rich they aren't worth it imo. In ear monitors really seem to offer much less SQ compared to headphones in the same price range, that is why i'm back on the headphone train!
I agree they're quite expensive and don't offer the greatest sound quality (or value).
They are however very portable and isolating while still keeping a relatively good sound.
I've also heard good things from my friend about the re272 which is cheaper and he says they're even better than the se535.
About headphones vs iems, I can't really use my HD800 for all my portable uses.
I've tried other high end portables such as the T5p and didn't really see it as a good portable option.
(Not to mention the design flaw with the T5p case that makes the case horrible for portable use)
The constant fear of getting my higher end headphones wet in the rain (especially open backs like the HD800) while my earbuds would rest fairly safely in my ear.
You are right again, taking a full sized open headphone outside is just bad for various reasons!
I recently bought the german maestro gmp 8.35D (for 165 euros), should come in today. It is a full sized headhpone, but it's unbreakable (you can literally walk over it) and the sound is better than the srh940 (presumably). It should also isolate better than the sennheiser HD25-1 and this is more than enough isolation for general commuting. And I'm sure those hifimans sound awesome, but they do look kinda flimsy next to the shures. I did absolutely love the look and feel of the shure IEM's!
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