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A Review On: Shure SE425 Earphone

Shure SE425 Earphone

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Pros: inexpensive and great mids and deep bass without the usual bass hump. work ok with higher impedance amps

Cons: strange build quality, comfort and sound sig is not as refined as higher end iems.

These are great with comply tips. They look a bit flimsy build quality wise, and a couple of people on amazon have broken off the stems, while replacing the tips - which is a bit of a worry if you buy them used as I did.

The bass is nice and deep but not boomy, but the mids are relatively emphasized and the highs are somewhat recessed (again relatively). This makes them sound somewhat thick and congested compared to say SM3v1/2 or UM mage or aero. Bass texture is pretty good, but again, 3-4 BA IEMs can do it better. Same goes for mids resolution and texture. Unlike the 12-18 ohm higher end multidriver BAs, these are 22ohm and do ok with even my bad musiland amp 3ohm output. (a lot of lower impedance IEMs sound dreadful with it)

Comfort wise, after a few hours (or 30-40m) they start pushing on the bottom part of the ear where they sit and it becomes a bit annoying. After a few months light use, the cable near the strain reliefs is starting to look a bit strange (worn and maybe leading to failing). (the place where the memory cable ends, the braided cable inside the sleeve flexes too much and by the looks of it twists and tears a bit)

If you can get them for about $200 and don't mind the build/the bass/mids emphasis - go for it.

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fyi, checked se425 on the objective2 (o2) amp, and it didn't make it better compared to cowon d2. oh well....
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