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A Review On: Shure SE425 Earphone

Shure SE425 Earphone

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Pros: Very honest sound signature, great design and isolation, very comfortable,

Cons: No artificial enhancements that make for 'exiting' sound

I was looking at some high-end in-ear monitors when I stumbled upon these, I directly pre-ordered them for 235 euro, only going by what I heard about the SE420s and having no idea what to expect. 



The design is great and very intuitive. When selecting the right tips, the IEMs fit very snugly in your ears. However, they start to get uncomfortable to me after an hour or so. I must note that, except for the bose in-ears, I have never owned an IEM that I could comfortably wear for more than an hour. 

The concept of the detachable cable is really great and so is it's execution. The first thing to break with a IEM is from my experience always the cable and this makes for a very handy, low-cost solution. These are definetily some earphones that will last you for years when treated right. 

Their isolation is also wonderful, You'll be able to still enjoy your music while in a very noisy enviroment. I personally wear the medium-sized olives. 



I would describe the sound of the Shure SE425s as very natural. There is no artificial bass added, nor is there to much treble or mids. However, and this is a very small complaiment, I would like for the bass to go a tad deeper. The mids are great, all sorts of instruments shine on these. The highs are great too, though I do miss some sparkle in them sometimes.

I personally enjoy all sorts of music on them, from jazz to rock to hip-hop and I find all of these genres very enjoyable on the SE425s. 



The Shure SE425s are very enjoyable for anyone looking for a pair of honest, true sounding IEMs. Plus, they stick with you very long thanks to their intuitive design, their detachable cables. I would recommend these to anyone.


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