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Amazing noise isolation beyond anything I expected, good enough sound for its purpose

A Review On: Shure SE425 Earphone

Shure SE425 Earphone

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Pros: Noise isolation. It's like wearing hearos earplugs.

Cons: The wires are really stiff, sound isn't anywhere close to a similar priced over the ear headphone

I use these when exercising next to cars. I used to use sealed closed back headphones which didn't block out noise well, but these definitely do. When outside in a loud environment and wearing these, I set the MP3 player's volume to the same level I use when listening to these IEMs in a quiet room. The isolation is that good (I use comply sleeves, but the sleeves included were also pretty decent).


However, I was definitely disappointed by the sound quality, relative to a $300 over the ear headphone. I will never choose this over a headphone if listening to music in a quiet environment. The selling point on these isn't sound quality, but rather noise isolation. I won't take more than 1/2 point off for sound, though, because I imagine all IEMs are like this and that this is good IEM sound for $300.


One other problem is that the wires are really stiff, a design feature I don't understand. Lastly, putting these on isn't as simple as putting on a pair of regular headphones, you'll have to spend 15 seconds or so seating them correctly to get a proper seal.

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not trying to be rude, but when you invest in shures IEM's you're not only paying 300$ for them, you are spending money on the specific custom sound that shure has perfected many times and over,  you are paying for the comfort and detailed sound that is presented, the detail is beyond anything! when people say what are the cons of these earbuds, the only thing i am able to say is the true balanced sound, detailed with the fine precision of treble and amazingly clean gentle bass enough to be heard, so unless you're looking to invest in these amazing IEM's i would under no condition compared with over-ear drivers, nothing is even compareable to the beautiful sound of ear buds :)
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