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Shure SE425 Earphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


SE425 - silky smooth - just plain enjoyable


Pros: Great fit, wonderful isolation, superb mids, good clarity

Cons: Could use a little more treble extension, hard to remove the olive tips

Shure SE425 - Highly Impressed - Great Build, Great Sound   I received these as a replacement for my SE420 - which unfortunately had to be replaced due to the cable splitting at the relief (luckily inside warranty).  Kudos to the fantastic team at Now Sound in NZ for their prompt work replacing them.     Build The biggest change from the older model has been the addition of a detachable cable - and the design for this is wonderful.  It now includes a memory wire (some love it, some hate it - I find it handy).  The housing is now hard plastic (the old one had a rubber cover which would keep splitting).  The hard cover makes it a lot...
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Shure done a good job. ;)


Pros: Clarity, Balanced, Noise Isolation, Comfort, Flush Design, Detachable Cables

Cons: Subdued Bass

Shure has definitely outdone themselves with this wonderful product. Never have I experienced more clarity in a pair of IEMs. For someone who listens to alternative rock, pop, and an assorted array of indie music, I say that few IEMs can do better. The amount of detail displayed is extraordinary. Vocals are crystal clear and forward, especially female vocals. However, the bass is lacking a bit in quantity, but they're by no means flat. It's still punchy enough to satisfy most listeners. No, these IEMs are not for bass-heads, but for those who want precision. If you're someone who prefer to have lows that accentuate exceptional mids and highs, these are the headphones for you. They're the...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: great solid flat sound, comfortable, isolating

Cons: the cables are the worst things in world

play music professionally. these sound great. been through 3 of them in 90 days. buy the insurance from guitar center - if you're on tour with these and the left side goes out (it will) you'll be screwed for a week. seriously - buy these - but DO NOT hit the road with out replacement cables. and don't use them for anything other than rehearsals or shows - if they crap out on you mid-set, that's on them...  if you lose a side to WTF you're gonna be even more pissed.    

Difficult to Wear


Pros: Great sound, Great brand and customer service

Cons: The fit will give you fits. Lacks comfort.

I got my pairs (plural) because my last pair of tried and trusty EC-4s bit the dust.. losing the left channel as they tend to do over 3 or 4 years.  In the past, I'd send $100 dollars and the EC-4s to Shure, who'd fix them and send them back.  Good to go.   Unfortunately, Shure has end-of-lifed the EC-4s.  Boo!  So rather than fixing them, they replaced them with two brand new pairs of SE425's-- right off the store shelves.  Impressive that Shure backs their gear as well as they do, it says a lot about the company's integrity.     So now I'm left with two brand-new pair of SE425's.  They are VERY different from the EC-4s, and not in a...
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More Reviews


Takes time but finally getting into it !


Pros: After some adaption, some sort of refinement, tight base, well sorted mids, and non fatiguing highs, well built

Cons: They don't like to be pushed, timbres not that realistic, I sometimes miss my $40 Zero Audio Temore's honesty and energy

It was a big investment for me. I was very pleased with the fit of my SE215 not so much with the bloated bass section and the warmish signature. At first, I was disappointed, switching from Tenore's, the shy sound appeared muled and even more worried by tweaked timbres (Only classical music in my Fiio X5II). After 2 weeks, my judgement had to be revised. First of : don't push the volume ; they don't like it. They have enough details to cope with it. Anyway now, I rather like them, especially when music has complex messages like, let's say, a Bruckner's symphonie. The bass are so clear they never interfere with the rest, they are precise and tight, just the way I like. The rest of the...
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Shure SE-425: Mid-Centric gold with little to desire


Pros: Fantastic mid centric dual driver, exceptional clarity, godlike isolation, Durable detachable cable.

Cons: Can be difficult to determine right tips for best seal, highs may leave something to be desired.

Hello fellow head-fi members. This will be my first official review of a product that I have published. As such, I would appreciate any input you can provide to allow me to make my review better. Likewise, if you have any questions regarding the SE-425’s. Let me know, as these are my daily IEM’s at the moment, I can usually answer the question or at least find out. With that said, let’s begin the review! INTRODUCTION: The Shure SE-425 is one of Shure’s higher tier IEM products, having only the SE-535 and SE-846 above them. The 425 uses a dual balanced armature setup with passive crossover. They also sport one of my favorite features, the detachable cable. This means that the cable can...
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Average for the price


Pros: Good soundstage; little listening fatigue; great fit and good isolation; detachable cable; rugged feel.

Cons: Unrealistic instrument timbres; veiled sound; rolled-off treble; average detail; value for money

Design/durability: The SE425 feel very nice indeed. The silver finish looks very appealing. The earpieces seem very durable as well, and the cable is very thick and sturdy with a lot of strain relief. The latter is detachable, which is even better. Fit/Comfort: One of the most comfortable IEMs out there, especially with Shure's olive tips. Easily forgettable when in your ears. Plus they don't stick out of the ears, meaning that you can almost sleep wearing them. Isolation: Excellent, blocks out most ambient noise. Microphonics are low as well. Sound: A let down. The sound signature is highly colored in a way I particularly dislike: mids are well defined...
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A good introduction


Pros: Detailed with most things

Cons: Not for bass heads

Ok, I've had these for a while now and decided to leave some feedback on these. First thing, the sound from these IEM's (earphones) are nothing short of excellent with a few minor dislikes.   At times, some music demands a bit more low end although to be fair that is what an equaliser can be used for. Like any good quality headphones, they will reveal any bad traits in your music source; so often, what sounds exceptionable on more tuned earphones will sound flat out trash on these. The fit can be a bit fiddly and it takes a bit of time to locate the best buds for your own ears although the supplied kit is plentiful.    After using these for a little while, you may start...
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Vocal Bliss


Pros: Smooth mids, Detailed and analytical but not dry, Scales well

Cons: A bit slow, Mid-Focused, Lack of extension on both ends

Please check out my video review of these:       (Sorry for the lack of images as I have since sold these IEMs)   Background Information:   Before I begin, I picked these up from a friend of mine for $280 CAD. They currently retail for $379 CAD and $299 USD. Street and used prices vary widely with the SE425s.   First of all, the reason I rated these 3.5/5 is because of the value it presents in terms of build quality and also accessories out of the box. It also has a great vibrant midrange. However, what is holding it back is the fact that these are not the best all-rounders at this price point.   Being a dual-BA configuration, these produce...
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Sounds great, but a few problems


Pros: Comfortable, clean sound stage, no bloat

Cons: tips are hard to get off, putting them on can be a struggle, price

Pros:   Comfortable: Coming from a few different buds and a few different IEMs these felt like a dream to wear for more than 4 hours at a time. That's my biggest complaint with headphones and IEMs is the fatigue that comes with wearing them for long periods of time. The around the ear shape shifts the weight from the canal to the back of the ear, making them infinitely more comfortable. Because I have two different sized canals, I had to use to different tips on each side. It does help in recognizing which way to put them in :).    Clean Sound Stage: Nothing sounds bloated to me in one way. They're not as clean as my ER4PT, but I like these better due to the comfort. (I...
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Great upgrade from e4s


Pros: Bendable wire near ear, great fit, beautiful isolation, smooth bass, clean highs

Cons: cable gets twisted easily, the cable with the built in mic is poorly made

I used the e4's for about 6 years, loved them, never had one problem until one day I was lazy, forgot to throw them back into the case and the cat got ahold of them. I emailed shure and they said they no longer produced them however that they would upgrade me to the 425 for the same cost as repairing my e4's would have been.    I was a bit skeptical since the fit and design was completely different.    My mind changed quickly.   After finding the right sleeve, and doing the weird over,behind my ear deal (shure iem users know what I mean) I was in love. Out of the box. The isolation was the first thing I noticed, the world was just shut out. Such a great and...
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Great IEMs, scale up well, and maintain balance


Pros: Balance, imaging, speed from top to bottom, mids

Cons: High roll-off, no air in the bass

First of all, I don't think we should be comparing these to anything else but in ear monitors (IEMs), and generally in the price range.  However, my only experience is with Sure SE 110s that I used for over 5 years.  Those were about $99, and I got the 425s for about $270.  I've now had them for about four months, and have gone through the slightly disappointed stage which seems to occur for a lot of people with a lot of headphones.  No matter how much you read before purchasing, it still takes time for your brain to get used to a new sound signature.  These really blow away the 110s in every way.  They have energy, speed, focus and simply amazing imaging. ...
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Amazing noise isolation beyond anything I expected, good enough sound for its purpose


Pros: Noise isolation. It's like wearing hearos earplugs.

Cons: The wires are really stiff, sound isn't anywhere close to a similar priced over the ear headphone

I use these when exercising next to cars. I used to use sealed closed back headphones which didn't block out noise well, but these definitely do. When outside in a loud environment and wearing these, I set the MP3 player's volume to the same level I use when listening to these IEMs in a quiet room. The isolation is that good (I use comply sleeves, but the sleeves included were also pretty decent).   However, I was definitely disappointed by the sound quality, relative to a $300 over the ear headphone. I will never choose this over a headphone if listening to music in a quiet environment. The selling point on these isn't sound quality, but rather noise isolation. I won't take more...
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Solid Sound stage and Crisp Clean Quality for Acoustic


Pros: Sound Stage is very wide, Dual Driver separates tones, Comfortable Fit

Cons: Lack of bass, Tips are hard to remove

I've been holding off the write this review because I wanted to give myself a good long time with these headphones before I broke them down. Starting off with look and comfort these are above par, the clear models give you the sense of technology added to the already quality given by them. At first I was skeptical about using IEM on a daily basis because my ears tend to be sensitive, but after just seconds of trying to figure out how to wear them properly they fit like a glow and with the right bit rated song these seemed to melt into my head, in other words I began to forget they were there. Although these are the least bass heavy of the SE models they create a very warming feeling...
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