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Shure SE215 Reviews




Pros: seal, cables

Cons: comfort

I like these more than my Monster Turbines. Less good than the Shure e4c, different price point I know. They're more difficult to insert than the average IEM. Other users seem to find them comfortable enough but not me, not at all. Extended listening gives me a bit of pain. The ear tips are fantastic, it's the phones themselves & how they angle into my ear plus the cable. Initially I wanted to replace my broke e4cs with a current $300ish Shure IEM, I'm glad I picked these up so I know not to go with the current Shure designs on the pricier models. The sound is good but I've never "loved" these headphones like I have others in the past. Being disappointed with three well...
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Great for EDM


Pros: Great bass. Comfortable. Great Value. Masters at EDM/Electronic music.

Cons: Cable/Connections. Takes awhile to get used to the fit.

I bought these to use on the go (Bus, Plane, Car). The first time I put them in my ears they were not comfortable. But after a week or so they were like tiny marshmallows in my ears. The sound is great and they are really good for electronic music. Over time they have replaced my my full-sized headphones in both sound quality and comfort. And for 100$ why not just give them a try?

A decent set of headphones for the price


Pros: Excellent build quality, Comfortable (once you get used to them), thick cable, bass, good isolation especially with foam tips

Cons: Lack-luster mids and highs, 90 degree headphone jack (personal preference)

I cannot recall when I purchased the Shure SE215's, but I know that I immediately enjoyed them. This was of course before I moved on to more expensive models, and then shifted to on ear and over ear headphones, which offer better sound overall. The only reason I went with IEM's is because they were often easier to drive and ended up being louder. As a bagpiper, it is clear I like music loud, and before I knew about amps, headphones weren't good enough. The SE215's aren't the easiest in-ears to drive, and near full volume is needed to listen to them for me. The SE215's have excellent bass, especially for the price of $100. The bass doesn't sound false, although clearly enhanced. The bass...
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The phone that started my addiction


Pros: Great value, amazing sound for its price

Cons: Exposed connection may suffer from shorts

This is the phone that brought me to the IEM crowd. After a few weeks using this I was hooked. Bought them on a trip to Hong Kong on an impulse, I was with a friend who was getting a LOD for his iPhone + amp + Westone 4 setup. We asked about budget choices besides the Klipsch S4 he was used to suggesting and the vendor said we should try the Shures. Great value, I have upgraded to a W4R and even when someday I jump to the customs ship I will keep the Shures, they are perfect for running.

Great Prive to Performance


Pros: Good mids, decent bass, great build, removable cable, isolation, comfort

Cons: May not fit some people, removable cord socket can get flimsy,

These were my first entry level IEMs which I purchased after growing sick of the horrible sound of iPod earphones, bundled earbuds and $20 buds from electronics stores And I must say, it was more than well worth the money, still working perfectly albeit with some wear and tear on the wires, but nothing major. The sound quality for the price is awesome, matching and even surpassing some that are twice the price that I've auditioned. All in all, if you're looking for your first IEM, these are a great place to start

V-shaped and a little closed


Pros: Powerful bass, good resolution, good value for money, nice fit, excellent sealing

Cons: Lack of mid-tones, sound stage too small (in your head sound), some users have issues with cable weldings

First, we must remember the price point. In Denmark, they compete with the likes of Beyer Dynamic MMX-101ie, Sony XBA-2, Creative Aurvana 3, AKG K-350 etc...   Accessories supplied in the box: The earbuds are all of a pretty good quality, and they make a really good sealing, which can be hard to come by. The transporting case is nice too.   Sound signature: Clearly V-shaped, but it's not like the mids are without detail. Indeed, resolution is very good even for the mids, but the signature is very minded to the broader population, which means that unplugged, choir-works, jazz and classical, will sound too fullfilling. Fx. Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass sounds like...
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what now?

gear: SGS2 with MIUI Rom music player Go Vibe's Vest Dacport LX + Objective 2   put these iem's into sgs2 and already doing nice give some portable amplifier/dac, in this case i'm using govibe vest and she's already doing great put some better amplification and dac, and my ear says that she's a marvelous player

Good introduction into audiophile IEMs


Pros: Relatively inexpensive, great isolation, excellent soundstage and mids, good bass, detachable cable

Cons: Some issues with the cable(below)

Pros: Quite cheap (I paid £69) Soundstage is fantastic at this price The detachable cable is a great addition at this price point and ensures a much easier repair if the cable fails. The provided foam tips are incredibly isolating and not exactly cheap if you try and buy them separately! Wonderful for vocal music, mids are very good. Surprisingly bassy, it's not overpowering, but it's certainly there and is quite detailed. Possibly too much bass for some. No sibilence in the highs.   Cons: The cable to earbud connector is fragile. Don't take the cables off without good reason. No memory wire for the section of cable that goes...
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