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Shure SE215 Reviews


what now?

gear: SGS2 with MIUI Rom music player Go Vibe's Vest Dacport LX + Objective 2   put these iem's into sgs2 and already doing nice give some portable amplifier/dac, in this case i'm using govibe vest and she's already doing great put some better amplification and dac, and my ear says that she's a marvelous player

Good introduction into audiophile IEMs


Pros: Relatively inexpensive, great isolation, excellent soundstage and mids, good bass, detachable cable

Cons: Some issues with the cable(below)

Pros: Quite cheap (I paid £69) Soundstage is fantastic at this price The detachable cable is a great addition at this price point and ensures a much easier repair if the cable fails. The provided foam tips are incredibly isolating and not exactly cheap if you try and buy them separately! Wonderful for vocal music, mids are very good. Surprisingly bassy, it's not overpowering, but it's certainly there and is quite detailed. Possibly too much bass for some. No sibilence in the highs.   Cons: The cable to earbud connector is fragile. Don't take the cables off without good reason. No memory wire for the section of cable that goes...
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An excellent set of IEMs


Pros: Isolation, comfort, sturdiness, sound

Cons: Soft case, connections oxidize and this causes sound to cut

Everything written here is totally subjective. Review updated a year and half after purchasing the IEMs.   IMPORTANT : THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE CORD AND THE EARPHONES ARE NOT GOLD-PLATED, THEY'RE MADE OF COPPER. THEY OXIDIZE, AND THIS MAY CAUSE SOUND TO CUT. DEOXYDIZE ONCE IN A WHILE WITH A PAINTBRUSH.   I'm reviewing the clear version, but it doesn't change anything, excepted than my review is more visible here (by the way, the clear and black version of these IEM should be put together into one "SE215" category).   - They isolate very well with foam sleeves. Be careful when wearing them in town, look around you, they prevent you from hearing...
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SE215's... WOW


Pros: Price, sound quality

Cons: roll-off on the highs a minor annoyance with some types of music

Really nice bass.  Not overbearing mids are great.  Never heard vocals so clear before on IEMs highs are okay, roll-off not too steep. very comfortable nice selection of sleeves nice carrying case comes with a cleaning tool! excellent price/performance ratio   Overall a great buy, and I would highly recommend these IEM's for everyday use.

Solid Entry Level Sound


Pros: Price, Bass, Isolation

Cons: Cord, Soft Case

My first "Pro" set of IEM's. I guess I am only 2 days into this set of Shure 215's but I have enjoyed every note of my music experience. Sound Isolation is great, although I am comparing to mass market IEM's (Bose, Griffin, Apple IEM's). Price is by far the best part, at $99 I really don't think you can challenge this IEM for value. I was also impressed by the Bass. It doesn't get muddy and can kick a bit with the right playlist. I noticed that the case seems to be a touch too small for all this cord, and it's a soft case where I would prefer more protection. The cord is VERY long. I appreciate a longer than normal cord, but this thing has to be almost 6 feet long.   Overall...
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Love them


Pros: Isolation, value, comfort, overall sound, nice bass

Cons: Early units may have defects (resolved now)

I'm just going to say now that I'm not nearly an audiophile.  So my evaluation of earphones is pretty limited to what sounds nice to me.  I used to have a pair of Shure SE210s before moving to some Monster Turbines last year.  While I discovered that I loved the sound of the Turbines, I was really missing the incredible isolation of Shure.  Since I travel heavily for work, isolation is something that's really important to me!  Then, of course, not long after I got the Turbines the SE215s came along.  It was like the best of both worlds.  The warm, full sound that the dynamic drivers give and the awesome isolation of the Shures.  Actually the...
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I'm in love with them!

TERRIFIC HEADPHONES!! Love them! you have to give them a few hours to let them record themselves to get use of the best quality...overall they are fantastic! The sound quality is amazing!

Great Headphones, and a Great Value


Pros: Excellent isolation, terrific bass, decent mids, generally quite comfortable, magical/life changing cord, great sound profile

Cons: Slightly recessed highs, not the best case, occasional plug issues, I absolutely can't remove the tips

My last IEM purchase was a disaster; I bought the Turbines and ultimately returned them as they were literally destroying my ears. I figured I was done with the IEM game for good, and moved to great big full sized Ultrasones. But I just couldn't ride the bus with those, they were too cumbersome and didn't quite isolate enough. So, my wallet aching, I went with these.   I've gotta say, after a little over a month I have almost no buyer's remorse whatsoever.   I'm going to start with the bad, because that's easier to quickly explain.   -The high's aren't the best, music in which the lead singer has a higher voice sometimes needs to be EQ'd to sound full. Keep in...
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Very Impressed


Pros: Great Quality of bass, comfortable fit, isolation, sleek look

Cons: mids and highs a little flat, the cord keeer.

  Theses are fantastic! Absolutely Stunning.    The bass is clear and detailed. It extends well and has very good speed. There is just the right amount too. I would consider myself to be a basshead, having sought after bass themed iems constantly. i've owned the original turbines and sennheiser cx 150 and cx 475 (directly marketed for supreme bass.)    Compared to the original Turbines and the two sennheisers there isn't as much impact but the clarity and extension is far far far more superior and more than makes up for that. listening to dubstep with theses is a thrill. In my opinion, if you had to give up one attribute of bass i'd say impact is the...
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