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Shure SE215 Reviews


Overrated - too fussy about what music is being played


Pros: Bass detailing

Cons: Mids completely lack details, flat soundstage, harsh treble with a nasty metallic upper treble range

My rating may at first appear harsh but I just want to clarify up front that it is an absolute subjective rating not comparative.   I really thought these would blow me away given all I have read about these but once again Shure have failed to live up to the hype. I cannot argue that the price is very attractive given the build quality and fantastic comfort but that does not influence my feelings on the sound character of these.   In summary I found the following: Highs - Nasty metallic 'piercing' sibilance with a lot of tracks not matter what was driving them (iBasso DX50, Xperia Z, FiiO E17, Denon MC6000 etc.) There is a good amount of detail but these were so...
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Amazing price to performance ratio


Pros: Build quality, accurate mids, deep but well-behaved bass, detachable cables, excellent isolation

Cons: Sparkle could be better, not the most comfortable, don't love the memory cable

Bought those as a portable go-to set (subway use, airplanes, travelling, etc.) and am so far very pleased. I previously used Etymotic IEM's (ER-4P and HF3) which are known for their clarity and brightness but also lacking in warmth and bass impact. However, after loving the sound of my new over-ear full-size Sennheiser Momentum's wanted something a little more fun and dynamic sounding. The SE215's fit the bill. They have a nice warm sound with emphasized (but typically not overpowering) bass, very good and forward mids and slightly rolled-off highs.   The dynamic drivers sound fun and are engaging. The isolation on these is superb, easily blocking out subway noise without...
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One of the best for the price


Pros: Solid mid and bass, price, comfortable, good isolation.

Cons: tremble rolls off/veiled, bass is not very deep, needs a bit more detail.

I rate these IEM 5 stars considering their price. They are probably the best IEM out there for $100 and below.   These fits well and are very comfortable.   Compared to IEMs of similar price, these are rather balanced with a slightly forward mid and a bit more bass. The highs are rolled off but I'm ok with that as I don't really like bright ones. It could use some more sparkle though.   Mids are good, quite detailed but still have some room for improvement, pretty good for the price.   Bass is rather solid and punchy, although it's not deep, it does a good job making up for the "lack of details" and masking outside noise, thus...
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nice fit.


Pros: nice fit

Cons: sound

these did not quite work for me. there was an oddness imparted to the sound for the music I listen to. Did not really want to use these. but boy they did fit nice....perhaps I got a bum set or should try the upper end shure's, as I do love their old V15 phono cartridges, but then I think of how much I dislike their modern cartridges......and you see my dilemma? 



Pros: • Value for Money • Styling • Durability • Sound Profile

Cons: • May be too "heavy" for some (comparing to Image X10, for example) • Not for sweat-inducing activities (snap-fit cables WILL oxidize)

The review title suggests two things: A love for metal and hard rock, as well as an urge to have these IEMs surgically implanted into my skull. Yup, noise isolation is great. No need to turn the volume up to dangerous levels and screw up my hearing even more. No unnatural sibilance with cymbals, and PUNCHY double kicks (sample album: Suffocation's latest "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" SHINES through this set.  They are excellent for what they are (Single Dynamic MicroDriver) and for their price. My music is neatly set up in 2 identical 2TB drives, one drive in all FLAC and AAC LOSSLESS and the other drive with 320KBPS CBR rips, all from original discs as master. The 215s + FiiO e17 help...
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Great value for the money


Pros: Good sound, forgiving sound signature, great isolation, detachable cable, you can use them as earplugs

Cons: Bass can get a bit annoying, highs are rolled-off

I've been a fan of Shure IEMs for a while. I had the E2c, E3c (two of them), and SE210 previously. Problem was the cable over-the-ear design. The cable going over the ear sucked in moisture, became hard and brittle, and finally broke. I wore my E3c like earbuds, which thankfully saved them from their demise and today they still live on, unlike the others. I was thrilled when I found out that the SE215 came with a detachable cable. Broken cable? Just replace the cable with another one. An excellent feature, especially for an entry level IEM.   Sound There is a bit too much bass, though it's fun for electronic music. The treble roll-off gives an illusion of lack of detail, but...
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Pros: seal, cables

Cons: comfort

I like these more than my Monster Turbines. Less good than the Shure e4c, different price point I know. They're more difficult to insert than the average IEM. Other users seem to find them comfortable enough but not me, not at all. Extended listening gives me a bit of pain. The ear tips are fantastic, it's the phones themselves & how they angle into my ear plus the cable. Initially I wanted to replace my broke e4cs with a current $300ish Shure IEM, I'm glad I picked these up so I know not to go with the current Shure designs on the pricier models. The sound is good but I've never "loved" these headphones like I have others in the past. Being disappointed with three well...
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Great for EDM


Pros: Great bass. Comfortable. Great Value. Masters at EDM/Electronic music.

Cons: Cable/Connections. Takes awhile to get used to the fit.

I bought these to use on the go (Bus, Plane, Car). The first time I put them in my ears they were not comfortable. But after a week or so they were like tiny marshmallows in my ears. The sound is great and they are really good for electronic music. Over time they have replaced my my full-sized headphones in both sound quality and comfort. And for 100$ why not just give them a try?

A decent set of headphones for the price


Pros: Excellent build quality, Comfortable (once you get used to them), thick cable, bass, good isolation especially with foam tips

Cons: Lack-luster mids and highs, 90 degree headphone jack (personal preference)

I cannot recall when I purchased the Shure SE215's, but I know that I immediately enjoyed them. This was of course before I moved on to more expensive models, and then shifted to on ear and over ear headphones, which offer better sound overall. The only reason I went with IEM's is because they were often easier to drive and ended up being louder. As a bagpiper, it is clear I like music loud, and before I knew about amps, headphones weren't good enough. The SE215's aren't the easiest in-ears to drive, and near full volume is needed to listen to them for me. The SE215's have excellent bass, especially for the price of $100. The bass doesn't sound false, although clearly enhanced. The bass...
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