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Shure SE215 Reviews

Nick Walters

good warm sounding earphones. Nozzle broke within 1 month (unusable)


Pros: strong bass, detatchable cable , good resemblance of mids.

Cons: design - the thin plastic nozzle broke easily, very very uncomfortable for most ears

I dont want to waste my time writing an essay for something that lasted only 1 or 2 months.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBnJ9zrnhGU My Rant and broken Shures in link above    The bass and mids were surprising for its pricepoint. There is a drop off in the higher frequencies such as treble for my music tastes.   Not reccommended as a purchase, as the durability of the actual earpiece is below par. Nozzle broke very easily (as mentioned in cons). I wish shure re-inforced the nozzle with at least a thin tube of metal if we are paying  high price. Knowing that shure also uses these plastic nozzles in their higher end models is a disgrace.   Comfort...
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Not for everyone


Pros: Fairly neutral and accurate. Highs do not hurth your ears.

Cons: The cable is not as pliable around the ears as it could be.

These are excellent value for money. Paired up with a basic Fiio X1, these shures sound really good to my ears. They are not for everyone though. those that want thumping bloated bass will be looking for something else. having said that once you get used to it you can actually hear the bass quite separated from the music which is great. Personally I wouldn't describe these as fun, boppy, foot tapping earphones but you will have a lot of fun rediscovering listening to music in a new way (which actually doesn't make sense now I read it). I think they get you listening to music maybe a bit more critically and taking note a little more, especially of your favourite songs. Took...
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Fair value for money


Pros: Full mids and bass; fair soundstage; musicality; rugged design and detachable cable; value for money

Cons: Weak treble presence and extension; metallic sounding high mids; slightly boomy bass; average comfort

Design/durability: Excellent build quality as per always on behalf of Shure. The cable feels nice and thick, with a lot of strain relief, and is detachable which is a great feature in this price range. A good thing is that the MMCX connector feels rugged enough to withstand moderate use, unlike with some other brands. The earpiece is made of thick plastic, and the latter feels and looks sturdy. Overall a very good design and beyond expectation at that price.   Fit/comfort: Average. I am not fond of Shure's memory wire, as it tends to be pretty stiff and could hurt the ear. other than that, the earpiece is quite ergonomic (but could be bulky for smaller ears, not my case)....
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Great while it works


Pros: Warm sound, great seal with olives or comply tips, stock cables have very low microphonics

Cons: Connection between cable and IEMs deteriotate over time, requiring constant maintenance or replacement

These are great while they work. There are a bunch of methods to fix them when they eventually lose connection and start cutting out. I've had three of these in the past 5 years. They're pretty awesome while they work. So good, that put up with bending the cable pins back in place, tried to make the connection better by using conductive grease, but now, on my third pair in 5 years, I'm at my wits end with these. On to CIEMs!

Best Headphone Purchase


Pros: long-term comfort, noise cancellation, great sound quality, durable

Cons: n/a

Before purchasing the Shure SE215's, I'd spend $15-30 on a pair of buds that would always break after a few months, at most.  Fed up with spending God knows how much after several years, I decided it was time to invest on some good quality earbuds.  The popular "luxury" headphones to buy are obviously Beats, but after some time researching, I decided I'd go with these. The return policy (free repair / new pair within two years of purchasing if broken) from the Shure website was what motivated me to go through with buying them.  Three years later I'm glad to say these puppies are still as amazing as they were day one.  The sound quality is pristine, and the isolation is...
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Are there any Shure headhones that don't sound good?


Pros: Outstanding audio quality for acoustic music, base just right, secure fitting to ear, sturdy detachable cable

Cons: No remote control device

I am a big Shure fan given my sweet  experience  with SRH940 and SRH1840 for indoor use. Being an avid mountain biker conscientious of safety (hence a helmet is obligatory), I need a pair of good IEH to pipe in pleasing music that stay secure while I navigate those bumpy trails in the forest. I am ecstatic to say that Shure fails me not yet again with their affordable and simply put, outstanding SE215.    Rather than using technical audiophile jargon (which I am poor at and probably mislead with malapropism) to describe the pleasing sound of SE215, I will tell you that folk, indie rock, gospel, pop ranging from Pat McGee Band, Howie Day, Griffin House, Matt Hires,...
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Shure quality


Pros: build quality, warranty, quite detailed, beautiful mids, smooth signature, long cable.

Cons: bloated bass response, lack of trebles in some recording. their price went up.

Once you spent the necessary 2 minutes to put them on, they are very confortable, they don't move around. The foam tips (not much "memory"),are solid and washabled (especially compared the Comply's). First of the protocole : Wav, Flac, APE, 24's and DSD (can't hear the high-res difference even though I tried hard). Almost exclusively classical music, CD rip and downloads. FIIO X5II and ASUS Xonar STX First, as a general remark: The sound heavily dependson the quality of the recordings ! Some will fit them nicely, some won't. It sounds obvious but it's not that often mentioned. For what's left they are very pleasing, not very accurate but rather musical even though they are not tonaly...
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Very good isolation and good comfort, cool design, decent sound for the price


Pros: Design, comfort, bass and mids (with some issues), build (mostly)

Cons: Somewhat muddy bass/mids boundary, recessed upper-mids and treble, a little bit "congested" sounding, hard to grow accustomed to achieving good fit

I bought these IEM's on sale for $84.99 when I saw them in a store, as I knew they normally go for 99.99.  I believe they are a reasonably good deal for this price, but have some issues.   Comfort/Fit:  It is somewhat difficult to find a nice placement of these  with the wire over the ears that will stay firmly in place.  However, it is certainly possible to do so, and from what I can tell it should be possible for the very vast majority of folks to achieve a proper fit and seal with these.  Once properly fitted and sealed, these are very comfortable IEM's. . .I can listen to them comfortably for hours.  And I have small ear-canals and ears.  They...
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5 f***ing stars for the best entry IEM in the market!


Pros: EXCELLENT isolation! Great low end extension and overall great for fun earphone when you're gymming or just out and about.

Cons: at $99 this piece has no cons

The Shure SE215 is the first IEM I owned and was the one that brought me in head-fi. I got mine for around $95 at the time after reading some reviews online here and there. Since then, I've learned to put some faith in reviewers and not assume that everyones a shill for promoting a product.   I still have not forget the first time I wore this. I was clueless on how over ear earphones worked and I fumbled around but once I got it in, the world outside just completely shut out. I was there with my music turned on and it was heavenly.    There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to hear this device once in their life -- audiophile or not, this provides the best...
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Daily Driver; No regret; basshead!;


Pros: Isolation, Bass, Design, Soundstage

Cons: Plastic, not for continuous listening

bought 15 days ago. phones are just warming up.    Bass is awesome...    Almost one year its been.. Already burned in. Now SE215 is my daily driver.   Signature feature is its BASS. its refined and almost perfect. wouldn't distort much, except if you amplify bass. You aint need amplification for this babes. has its own bass, thats awesome enough for me.   Next thing is it's Mid. its very pronounced, impressively. its not annoying at all. compared to my audio technica, this shows off very clear and pronounced mid without annoying me.    Treble is what I am disappointed about. I cant hear 10k or 16k (Hz) at all. very low 8k is...
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