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A Review On: Shure SE215

Shure SE215

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Pros: • Value for Money • Styling • Durability • Sound Profile

Cons: • May be too "heavy" for some (comparing to Image X10, for example) • Not for sweat-inducing activities (snap-fit cables WILL oxidize)

The review title suggests two things: A love for metal and hard rock, as well as an urge to have these IEMs surgically implanted into my skull. Yup, noise isolation is great. No need to turn the volume up to dangerous levels and screw up my hearing even more. No unnatural sibilance with cymbals, and PUNCHY double kicks (sample album: Suffocation's latest "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" SHINES through this set. 

They are excellent for what they are (Single Dynamic MicroDriver) and for their price. My music is neatly set up in 2 identical 2TB drives, one drive in all FLAC and AAC LOSSLESS and the other drive with 320KBPS CBR rips, all from original discs as master. The 215s + FiiO e17 help me keep volume levels down and avoid tinnitus, while not missing too much dynamic range in the music. Comparing the 215s to Triple-Fi's or the Westones, as well as the higher-end of the Shure family (except for the 315, which this model blows away IMO) would be unfair. Different technologies, different audiences. The appeal and versatility of the se215s for me allows me to not worry about using it whenever, wherever.

I've accumulated a healthy arsenal of both reference and performance headphones and IEMs over the years, and my go-to's for work are my Westone4s, with the 215s coming in as the "everything else" set. I have a pair of se210s that I've been using as studio and live performance monitoring, and Shure has graciously taken back a pair that died due to excessive sweat (yes, I'm one of those drummers you have to take a mop after =) ) so I'm pretty wary about using the se215s in this setting. I do use them everywhere else - even sleeping, as the isolation is on point. 

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended. Best value in its class. I echo the sentiments of fellow users on this forum - the 215s are a lock. 


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