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Shure SE215 LTD

A Review On: Shure SE215

Shure SE215

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Pros: Amazing sound (for the price) flat profile, value for quality, good cable connector, removable cable

Cons: Expensive acessories, hard to fit (takes a few moments of stupidness to fit them to ear after storage), thick cable splitter

I bought the SE215ltd from Headphonic.
Cost me $139.00.
This almost completely knocks out my V-MODA M100 and V-MODA XS out the water.
If you fit them improperly, they're amazingly uncomfortable. This is probably where the bad reviews come in, because they don't read the manual.

Songs used (with a FiiO E17 DAC.

Flume & Chet Faker - Left Alone [FLAC]
Everything I just said. But 10 times better. The vocs shine, I can't really find fault in the treble at all. There's a bit of clipping, I turned it down and it seems to have stopped. I just wish the E17 was as slim as an iPod touch so I could carry it everywhere.

Chet Faker - Cigarettes and Loneliness [FLAC]
Chet's vocals came out clean. The intro is my favorite bit, with the intro vocs, and the Shure / E17 combo nailed it.

The DAC doesn't really do much but make the sound cleaner and smoother for this track. It makes it less fatiguing and easier to sleep to.

Melech - Hate God [FLAC]
Melec's vocals shine. Amazingly. It sounds almost like I'm hearing the live recording of his voice. I love it.

I don't have much energy to write a full review on the DAC side, but basically almost everything said was subsidized and all the problems disappeared with the DAC. Next up I'm going to buy a good DAC, as the E17 is okay but clips due to the quality.

The guy who served me was great and it was a nice drive down to pick them up. I'm so happy with my SE's as I went from mid/low end in ears to an actual canalphone. Couldn't be better, can't get over the comfort and the sound!!!!

I prefer IEMs now over headphones. I hate the effort it takes to wrap cables, carry cases when you can have the IEM and be done with it. There's so many cables you can get for the SE215, you wouldn't really need over or on ear phones again with this quality of IEM, talking about mid-range headphones but everyone's preference is different.


Nice review. Agreed on how these punch above their price point. Still a very relevant pair of IEMs despite new competition like the IM70 from ATH which sound better to my ears but definitely loses out on build and fit. No regrets getting a used pair of the old 215s for jogging and gym. Still going strong after 3 years. 
Disagree on foam tips killing the bass though. Quite the opposite for me.  
Foam tips for me just don't cut it.
Brought out my E17 with a LOD for my iPhone 5, it's like half a DAC haha. The low end is increased this way, but what annoys me the most is the GOD DAMN cable at the back of your ear, with the flimsy 'memory wire' which makes it annoying to take off. Easy fix, buy the FiiO cable. Doing so, will post impressions. Stock cable costs way too much to replace, build quality is eh, rather get a silver / gold plated Teflon cable that's braided.
The stock cable is quite meh but is pretty hardy. I never believed in spending more or even an equal amount for a cable than the actual IEM/Headphone itself. Doesn't make sense to me. Fiio or Oyaide cables, both less than 60usd I think, would be the only change I would do for a 215. 
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