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Really great price to performance ratio

A Review On: Shure SE215

Shure SE215

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Pros: Cheapest IEM i've seen with a removable cable, great bass and vocals; Great durability, excellent noise isolation. Optional mic cable

Cons: Treble could be better. Earphone jack could be slimmer


My big sister purchased the SE215s from the Shure website a long time ago, so forgive me if I do not know when they were purchased exactly. She ended up giving them to me because she was having some complaints about the earphones giving her headaches... Anyway, I have been listening to them for quite some time now and i thought i could write a review. Let's give it a shot.


Bass: Deep, well extended, and punchy. They nailed it with the bass. I don't have much to say about the bass other than it is great.


Vocals: Rich and detailed. For $99 dollars, they knocked it out of the park by setting a $99 standard for how earphones at this price should sound.


Treble: Acceptable given the price. While the treble is not the star of the show, it has enough detail to make the earphones sound solid, although it could be better.



Now, this world is filled with plenty of good sounding earphones and headphones, but as i said before, these have set the bar in my opinion for how every $99 pair of earphones should sound. The removable cable is a really nice feature, so you can replace it when the time comes. It comes with foam and silicon eartips, so finding a suitable eartip should be no problem. With all these things combined, i find it very hard to skip consideration with these.


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