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A Review On: Shure SE215 Special Edition

Shure SE215 Special Edition

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Pros: fun sound, great bass response, detachable cable, looks awesome, comfortable, good sound isolation

Cons: sound is not for everyone, do not expect this to sound “as recorded”, not that easy to put on and take off.

Overall Impressions


The struggle


Firs and foremost do not expect this earphones to sound as accurate and truth to the recording. They add ALOT OF CHARACTER to the sound, if you don't try to fight against its natural response and accept that those blue devils have a mind of their own, you will love them. (at least i did)


Just a little background on my experiences. I came from a Shure SRH840 as my music listening headphones, i owned some philips reference headphones before as well. Also I have some M-audio Studio monitors in my bedroom setup. I also studied sound engineering and i was always surrounded by reference monitors and everything sounding as “correct” as it could be. Therefore I am used to all of my media to sound as true to its recording as I can afford. In the sense that there is very title coloration to my audio experience. 


I was not expecting this headphones to be as colorful as they are, for about a week a hated them. Than I started to give up on trying to “fix” them with EQs and such. Pretty much just cave in to their true selves. 


Just give in 


They make music sound so much fun. They add a lot of bass and a “dark” sound to the audio without giving up on precision. Their are a special type of IEMs in the sense that they will add their version of the audio and you will either love it or hate it. 


Don’t take me wrong, I love the fact that i can get my SRH840, and listen to a true representation of the music. But as a on the go, listen to music while walking in campus and doing your shopping. You cant go wrong, they make for a enjoyable experience. And because the highs are not poking you in your ear hole you can listen to them for ours without getting tired. 


I even started appreciating the overwhelming bass that they provide. Sometimes its so surprisingly out of proportion on songs that you haven't heard on those IEMS before, that I just LOL like a little kid that just found the first boner by mistake!


Build quality 


Solid build quality. I don't mind falling a sleep on them at all. Did it a couple of times and not a single thing went wrong. Some say that the tips can be a point of weakness, true that, but the plastic is solid even at it’s most vulnerable part. Same design and material as their $500 se535, so we are probably ok. Also they are design to take the punch of live musicians, those MF can get rough!


Cable is also good, same as the se535. They are shorter than the clear or black se215, not a issue if you use with your iphone/ipod. But if you are a musician it may be a problem. But Shure on their infinite wisdom made cables detachable, so you may do as you please.


Sound Quality


This is what you are really here for anyway. 



    In your face! Imagine that you where a rapper and had a 4x4 with a massive sub, and you just happen to be on a beach road. YAH, this intense.



    Accurate and surprisingly crisp. But Shure is well know for its mids, They lack abit of speed.



    Rolled off highs. Don't think this is a bad thing by a second. Its only its sound characteristics.


Sound Stage

    The rolled off highs do degrade the sense of space on these IEMs. But the accurate mids make up for the absence of the “tss”. So its not bad at all, not great either. ummm… Up to interpretation, grey area here. (sorry guys)


Sound Characteristic

    Aimed to be your chill pill headphones. Not in your face, does not lack anything import. It however puts a big fat slime on your face! 




Love it! Buy it, they are not that expensive in any case. 


I can describe this IEM as a sports car. You wont use it all the time because they are for special occasions. But when you do use them, you will be smiling away. 


They sound really freaking cool if you just accept the color it adds to the sound and that they have a mind of their own. But if you are looking for a flat response you better stay away from these.


Any questions on the review, please let me know and I'll reply to the best of my ability. Thanks


Thanks for the nice review, any sound differences between the normal and special edition?
Thanks. I hope it helped. 
I haven't heard the original se215 myself. From what i know the only difference is that they are not as much bass intensive as the LTD and also not as rolled off on the highs. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.
The standard uses the same drivers and dimensions. The sound channel is the only difference between them. Hence a flatter response on the originals. 
They are not reference quality IEMs. So to add some character and making them really "cool" to listen to is a good idea by Shure. The reason I love those blue buggers is because they have so much character, it is like if they said: "F*** you, I will play this the way i want!"
That been said, the original IEMs are better rated at this site.
Thanks again, actually your reviews did help my brother a lot, he owns UE900 but complaining that it's lack of bass and he wants something that is fun, so after reading your reviews for the price and SQ I think I will recommend him the SE215
Wow, I would imagine that the SE215 is a substantial downgrade from the UE900. But if he's a Beats by Dre kind of guy the se215LTD is what he wants. 
Hahaha, is really a big downgrade for him.....but he needs something that is cheap and can drives his R&B song while the UE900 will drives his classical songs~~ I am sure the SE215 will sound way better than Beats by Dre right??
The Shure is a refined grown up kind of sound. It adds loads of bass, yes; it provides color, definitively. But within be bounds of reason. It keeps the mids and sound image intact while it does so.
I only heard one Beats by Dre (some wireless model, not sure what tho) and it was just bass bass bass, without any apparent reason, also there was very little clarity specially on cymbals and high frequencies.
They look good tho, but they are fashion statements, and everyone knows that you spent cash on them. Like driving a Mini... Yeah, looks good. But you could have invested in quality over looks.
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