Shure SE110

A Review On: Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphone with Balanced Armature Driver (Black)

Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphone with Balanced Armature Driver (Black)

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Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Value, Isolation

Cons: Cable length

Shure SE110

In this review i will be talking about how these IEM sound, feel, look, and their value. I will also explain the Pros and Cons of the IEM. I have had these IEM for about three years. So they have had a lot of burn in time. I listen to them about five hours a week on average. So i will discuss the Pros first then the Cons.




1. Sound Quality/Isolation- The sound quality on these IEM are absolutely fantastic. Theses are they best IEM i have ever used. I have used the Monster DNAs, Skullycandy FMJ, Skullycandy 50/50, Sennheiser IE 60, Klipsch s3, Klipsch s4, and a few others. Out of all the ones i listed and i have listened to the SE110 are the best. When you put them in with the right ear tip you can hear anything that's going on around you. Also no one hears your music either. The sound stage is amazing. You hear every single instrument by themselves but all of them blend so prefect together. I have heard someone step on a guitar pedal with these headphones. I know there not the best head phones they make but they are the best i have head so far.


2. Comfort- They come with so many different ear tips i don't know how someone could find the right fit for their ears. They are the most comfortable ones i have used. Now the Monster DNAs are a very close second, but only on comfort.


3. Value- I feel that when these IEM came out they were a great value. I bought mine on sale for $90 bucks three years ago. The DNAs are over $100 i know and they don't sound as good as the SE110 which are three or four year old models now. For the price i don't personally think any other IEM comes close that i have listened to.




My cons list is short because i can't really find anything wrong with them. The only thing is the Cable length which is personal preference. The Cable is about a foot long then it connects to an extra cable. Which is ok but would rather it be long and come with the extra cable then be to short.




If your looking for great sounding IEM for a good price look no more. I believe if you get their replacements the SE215s i don't think you will be sorry.


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