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A Review On: Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphone with Balanced Armature Driver (Black)

Shure SE110 Sound Isolating Earphone with Balanced Armature Driver (Black)

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Pros: sound improvement to stock apple EMs and isolation

Cons: ? - price - maybe

As many know these are a nice upgrade and quite price conscience.  I do like the accessory pack and methods of lengthening the cable.  I use them while flying and usually wear them the entire flight (even for 20+ hours) due to their good sound isolation.  If used on a plane should get a sound attenuating patch cord adapter as these are very sensitive.  They are superb compared to the inflight offering of headsets.  They pretty much eliminate the pressure differential experienced while taking off/landing as a bonus!


I believe these are extremely neutral and do not add anything to the recording.  Some may also call these laid back (another term for neutral?).  I love them.


The one downside is I cannot use them in the office because they block out too much noise; I miss most of my phone calls and get caught up in the moment of songs sometimes.


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