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A great AMP with a good price/performance ratio

A Review On: Shonyun 306 portable amp

Shonyun 306 portable amp

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Pros: Well built with connection indicator lights

Cons: Emphasis on the highs

Firstly I would like to than Stars Picker Enterprise for sending me the Shonyun SH-306A for this review. I'm not affiliated with either Stars Picker Enterprise or the Shonyun company.
Frequency Response: 10-100 kHz
Output Power: 455mW @ 16 ohm
SNR: 105dB
Distortion: Less than 0.005%
Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16~300 ohm
Input Impedance: 28 kOhm
Output Current: 600mA max
Battery Life: Around 12 hours
Power Supply: 110~220V AC IN / 21V 500mA DC OUT
Size: 110mm*70mm*25mm
MSRP: US$160 or RM$ 510
Accessories and Packaging:
The SH-306A is well well packaged albeit a bit plain cardboard box. It comes with the following accessories:
  • 3.5mm interconnecting cable - the cable is of very good quality (it also came with a Sennhieser 3.5mm cable but I don't think it's part of the package)
  • Power adaptor
  • Two 3.5mm t0 1/4 plug adaptors
  • Instruction manual
Built Quality
The SH-306A is a very well built AMP with a glossy finish. It can match the Fiio E-17 in terms of built quality minus the brush metal finish of the E-17. The audio out/in and the volume knobs are well placed and is easy to connect and operate. The Shonyun insignia on the top of the AMP changes color depending on what is connected to it. If it is connected just to the power source, it glows red. If you connect it to a headphone/ IEM it glows purple. Aesthetically speakings, it looks very nice.
Sound Quality
The SH-306A has a fixed gain of +12dB. This means that it can handle high impedance headphones with ease but can have issues with low impedance phones. I could hear a little audible hiss paired with both my Tpeos H-100 and my HisoundAudio E212, both of which are low impedance, though this can only be audible when the AMP is not playing so it was not a big issue for me. Turning it to more than 1 third of its volume makes it too loud. I usually kept it to the quarter mark of the volume dial and it is more than enough.
This SH-306A can drive my more higher impedance Vsonic GR07BE very well. Infact for just the AMP function alone, I prefer it to E17. It brings out the mids nicely that when it is unamped. The lows are also improved but the most noticeable difference is the highs. This range is more pronounced that the other two.
The SH-306A is a great AMP and for its price/performance ratio. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an AMP within that budget.


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