Shanling M3 Portable Digital Audio Player Reviews


Shanling M3: Unique design + great sound!


Pros: High-quality sound with hardware EQ. Solid build. Unique design. Very stable UI. Good battery life.

Cons: Large. Lacks gapless, play through folders, and playlist support. No protective case.

 BACKGROUNDA bit of information about Shanling excerpted from their Website:Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacture, marketing and sales of audio products.  Shanling began as a developer of audio products in 1988, producing its first Hi-Fi stereo power amplifier.  Since then, Shanling has grown and now manufactures a wide range of products – SACD/CD player, high fidelity solid-state and vacuum tube amplifier, advanced mini music center, tuner, audio/video amplifier, etc.Today, we'll be looking at their first entry into the ever-expanding Chinese DAP...
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A unique and versatile DAP. The Shanling M3 Portable Digital Audio Player and DAC


Pros: Lots of different uses and applications, Plenty of power, DAC functionality, Fast and responsive user interface, Simple design that is easy to use

Cons: Bulky, Problems downloading drivers for my computer, Sound signature isn't geared for mainstream music, Durability concerns (not proven)

At the time this review was written the Shanling M3 digital audio player could be purchased on several websites. Here is Shenzhenaudio’s listing of the product on Amazon:   Before I start this review I want to make my biases clear so you can understand how I rank this device. When it comes to DAPs, what I look for is something that accomplishes more than just being a fancy MP3 player. User interface, design, build quality, functionality, features, responsiveness and ease of use all weigh in on my ranking of a DAP.  ...
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YoYo JoKeR

Shanling M3: An Excellent Cutting Edge DAP


Pros: Neutrality, Great Build Quality, Controls, Excellent Display, Versatile Functions

Cons: Battery Charging Time.

Me: I am a 21 year old student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. Eventually, I found the pleasure of listening to music mainly by the HD600 and recently, by the seductive LCD2 headphones, and realized the true components of recorded music. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.   Intro:  Shanling is a well established, but...
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