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A Review On: Sennheiser RS170 Digital Wireless Headphone System

Sennheiser RS170 Digital Wireless Headphone System

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Pros: Sound fairly decent

Cons: Cut out when input volume is low; cups are too shallow for my ears, manual switch on

I'm using these to listen to our TV; they are connected to the headphone out.


I bought them to replace my failed Sony MDR-RF4000K, but I'm not too sure if it was worth it. Compared to Sony, I can't really say there is *any* improvement, maybe only when playing GT5 - Sony had a very weird problem when sound was "travelling" between ears, possibly because it was dolby-encoded? Not sure, but these don't seem to have the same problem.


However, these come with their own set of problems, which Sony didn't have:

- There is no auto on/off switch - you have to at least manually switch both base station and headphones on every time you want to use them, which is quite irritating in a dark room;

- There are too many lights - base station is full of them, and there's one on the phones themselves, and two of those are constantly blinking;

- Buttons are hard to operate by touch;

- When source sound level is low, they start hissing/humming and then cut source sound off. The only way to get them to perform acceptably was to turn down volume on phones themselves and put source volume right up;

- The cups are very shallow and press against my ears (which was impossible to check in the shop, as there were none on the demo), so I can't use them for very long (same as with Sony);

- Sony's design of base station and headphones is notably better as it is much more compact and non-intrusive.




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