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A Review On: Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station

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Pros: Nice clear sound, found it on sale, charger is easy to use and a nice stand, very lightweight and comfortable to wear

Cons: buttons on headphones are mediocre, somewhat hard to tell if power is on or off on stand and headset

Ok, well I listed a whole bunch of pros/cons up there, so here are the other things I will mention:

1.  I got these on newegg for $220.  I ended up using them virtually for everything.  One gripe I suppose is if the volume of what you're listening to is low, maxing the volume will only do so much, and that adding an amp won't do anything.  I may have just screwed this up, but I am pretty sure the signal sent from the stand to the headphones is going to cap the volume, and the headset does the rest.  I will mention that the volume is very sufficient, but I had the idea to try an amp to improve sound.

2.  Again I am going to stress these are very lightweight and comfortable, so much that at times I forget I am wearing them and like "****, are my speakers on or is this the headset?"  Everyone does gripe about the buttons on the headset, but I will say there are not an eyesore and are clean looking, and that once adjusted you rarely mess with them during your listening session.

I am giving these a 4.5 because the slight expensive cost, button frustration hardly factor in to my enjoyment of owning this headset.  If I were to having a mod for these if would be that once the headset leaves the stand it and the stand turn on, so that I don't have to bother always turning them on every time.


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