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A Review On: Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station

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Pros: Good sound and range

Cons: get very warm if you wear them very long

I got these headphones to wear at night so I didn't disturb my neighbors when I was watching tv or movies at night.  I haven't used Sennheiser's other wireless headphones but these seem to put out sound nearly on par with my HD 595s.  They do get warm over extended use.  I didn't find this to be nearly as much of a problem when watching tv, I'd just take them off during comercial breaks.  I also can't say to much about the range as I only used them in my apartment(2 bedroom) but didn't notice any signal loss.  Overall I would recommend these headphones.  For the money you may do just as well with some of the lower priced sennheisers.  






What's the battery life like?
They come with rechargeable AAA batteries (on in each earpiece, below the cups, easily removable). When you rest the headphone on the dock it recharges the batteries.