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Sennheiser RS 110 926 Mhz Wireless RF Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Nice signal distance, sound good, comfy

Cons: rickety, only rca hook-up

Nice long distance wireless that I tested 75 feet away from transmitter and outside. Comfy all day. Wish all cans were patted and comfy like this. A little rickety due to light plastic construction. Sound nice and there's tons of reasons to get some. Like hook them to am/fm radio that uses a special antenna, no need to use walkman around home with these. I paid very little for them, but they are worth the price and are very useful for me where I live because I need a good antenna to hear AM talk radio. I also hook them up to the cable box, turn it on and listen to TV without having to turn on the TV. Hear anywhere in your house, around walls, outside, sounds good up to 75 feet and you don't have to bother neighbors

Sennheiser RS 110 926 Mhz Wireless RF Headphones

These Sennheiser entry-level headphones are an ideal choice for people who like to walk around the room while listening to their favorite tunes. The system features a 900 MHz wireless transmitter that broadcast a powerful signal throughout the room--and even through walls and ceilings. Should listeners wander upstairs or outside, they can still enjoy the headphones' warm sound and strong bass response provided they stay within range. The RS-110 headphones are also ideal for listening to late-night TV without waking up the rest of the house. And thanks to the lightweight, soft ear pads, the phones feel comfortable through hours of use. In addition, the phones include replaceable parts, so users don't have to buy new headphones each time a part wears out, along with a pair of AAA batteries. So don't get tied down by restrictive cables. With these Sennheiser headphones, users will enjoy a whole new world of wireless convenience.

FeatureReceives Reception Through Walls, Ceilings & Outdoors
Height10.5 inches
Length11.75 inches
Weight5 pounds
Width8.75 inches
List Price$89.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSennheiser Rs110 926 Mhz Wireless Rf Headphones
Batteries Included1
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Legal DisclaimerWarranty does not cover misuse of product.
Warranty2 years warranty
Number Of Items1
StyleSennheiser RS-110 Wireless Headphones
Battery Description2 AAA
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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