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Nice little cans with a great design

A Review On: Sennheiser PX 95 Versatile On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser PX 95 Versatile On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Warm Sound (maybe even basshead), Design, Durability

Cons: Soundstage, You can find better SQ for the price

I was really surprised with the nice little cans from Sennheiser I just bought. The fact is that I've been using for a long time a Shure SRH750DJ for which I have a deep love. I only had a small problem with it after a year because the cable that connects the left speaker to the right broke, I had to do a small chirurgical operation, and I fixed it.
There an't lots of tests going around the web for the PX95, so here's my little opinion about it, and a comparison with my primary headphone I've been using for two years. I an't  no expert, but hey, everything's got a start!
The price difference is around 40 bucks. The PX is around 60$ and the Shure can be found at 100$
Both looks neat. Like, really. Shure is a little disappointment though, because it uses quite a lot of gold-colored plastic when Sennheiser's plastic on the PX goes unnoticed. The PX by itself it much more unnoticeable than the mega huge Shure!  The PX's much smaller, and weights times lighter than Shure's huge cans, but both are really, really comfortable to wear for hours, maybe even days!
The sound difference is hard to explain briefly : while the PX and the Shure have both a good spatialization,  Shure leads because the PX-95 has slightly the 3-way soundstage problem (even though it is an open can). Shure has a pretty neat but cold bass and the PX-95 is warmer but doesn't go as deep, and can be a bit muddy. The main frequency difference is in the mid-high zone, where the PX emphases the waves and the Shure goes for a more V-ish shape. The Shure is MUCH, MUCH brighter, and cold, probably because of the frequency curve, so the vocals and things like cymbals sound awesome, but the guitar chords don't reach the warmness of the PX95, that masters the mid part. It seems to me that the PX95 is more of a Jazz and Classical music, and the Shure sends shivers during Techno/Trance music. Both headphones have a personality that goes along with their aimed music styles. Still, hearing things like Celtic, Progressive Jazz or Ska with both headphones is a great pleasure that I had for a few listening hours!
The Shure clearly won when I had a try in the street, cause the PX95's isolation is null. Shure's not 100% isolated either but it covers well the bass-mid section,  so between those two, I had to put two level louder my phone to hear something out of the PX.
So I think that the PX-95 can be interesting for you if you :
   1 - Hear music at home (open cans, here you are)
   2 - Want a warm and not tiring sound
   3 - Want headphones that'll last (they dealt with the bottom of my bag!)
   4 - Like the aesthetic of it (brilliant design I must say)
If not, maybe you should look around, maybe something will suit you better at the same range of price!
Oh, and about burning those things, I burned my Shure for thousands of hours as I was using it everyday for a few hours, and I've burnt the PX for more than 100 hours now.
               The PX95 by itself
         Sennheiser's PX95 and Shure's SRH750DJ



I think the PX95 is a great headphone that deserves a lot more attention. I'm glad you decided to give them a shot.

Just out of curiosity, what headphone did you find better than the PX95 for the price?
They are portable cans though so I don't think the number one reason they are interesting is that you are going to use them at home. Not really for at home hence the added warmth which melts away/gets cancelled outside. They are so small for that reason and sacrifice driver size, housing size, pad depth, and cable construction which limits the SQ you can achieve for their portability. Nice review! Just sayin'.
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