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Great quality, durable and comfortable. Suited to Dance/Electronica or Classical

A Review On: Sennheiser PX 360 Collapsible Wired Headphone with Clear Natural Sound and Punchy Bass

Sennheiser PX 360 Collapsible Wired Headphone with Clear Natural Sound and Punchy Bass

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Pros: Comfortable and very well constructed (including the cable). Punchy base and very clear, if cold sounding mids and highs.

Cons: A bit too "cold" sounding... with each instrument or voice sounding separate from other sounds

I'm new to the site, and would not call myself an audiophile, although I do appreciate great sounding music played through good quality equipment. I share the kindred hate that many on this website seem to have of hearing music played through TV/Laptop/Phone speakers...and I try and explain to my wife why her Samsung OEM earphones do not do justice to her music - but still she sighs when she sees me eyeing up yet another pair of headphones. Anyway onto these Sennheisers:


Fantastic design and build quality - you can tell these are built to last, and yes that includes the cable. I thought by now it would have given up the ghost (broken) but it has not... in fact it remains as strong as the day I bought them - and they are now 18 months old. The sound seems to have improved over age, and I find myself enjoying the sound more now than in the first 6 months. The sound seems to have become a bit richer, a little warmer - but that just could be my perception changing. I listen to lots of House, Electronica, Relaxation music, Classical... and some rock and pop. It works for all of the above except for vocals. I don't like to listen to Adele's album "21" using these, because Adele's voice seems a little too clear, too isolated from the music... too hard/cold. For everything else I love them, and the comfort and sound isolation are extra benefits. 


If you can get these for a good price of around £50 / $100 then I would go for them again, but otherwise I would toward the convenience of the bluetooth version (which I believe has a warmer sound) or just look elsewhere if you really love your vocals. I guess these might be aimed more at music professionals or those who prefer a real reference sound, with unadulterated pure sound. For me, I want to be swept away in the music and have what I think is correct to describe as a wide soundstage(??) with slightly warm tone. Hope this review helps. 


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