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Sennheiser PX 200 II B Closed on Ear Mini Headphones Reviews


In a nutshell, baby HD25s


Pros: Neutral, accurate sound; small, portable, comfortable

Cons: Isolation isn't the best, annoying volume control

The PX200-II are a nice little set of portable cans, maybe the best Sennheiser has out right now in their budget lineup. Amazingly enough, the Headroom frequency graph does not lie: the general sound signature is the same as in the venerable HD25-1, with a bit of treble roll-off.   I really enjoyed these cans while I had them. The sound is smooth, with restrained and very fast bass, once you get the earcups in the right position. Some people might find the bass quantity lacking, but there's no doubt about the quality. The mids are upfront and very energetic, which, coupled with a fairly tight bass, might put some people off, as the overall sound can be dry and a bit cold....
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Very nice headphones!


Pros: Balanced sound, very small, well built

Cons: A bit too expensive maybe

This is my first pair of on-ear portable headphones. I've had a bunch of CX-series in-ear phones and the cable always broke. So I wanted something on which I could easily replace the cable. They're very small, could easily fit a larger pocket, they also fold nicely. They're also very nicely built, the materials are of good quality. The sound is balanced, maybe a bit shy in the highs, the bass is not boomy and overwhelming like on most consumer headphones and the mids sound very natural. They're confortable enough (actually I quickly forget they're on my head). Overall a good purchase. Hopefully I'll be able to easily change the cable when it will go bad (cause it will).

maybe the best you can get...


Pros: natural sound, very small, not expensive

Cons: good fit is a must

I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Sennheiser PX200 first generation. I’ve had them for over 10 years now and the ear pads and padding on the headband are severely deteriorated. My criteria were: highly portable, closed design, comfortable, natural sound. Max. € 100,- This forum lead me to a bunch of alternatives from AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica and some other models from Sennheiser like HD228. This thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/433318/shootout-113-portable-headphones-reviewed-alpha-design-labs-adl-h118-added-07-15-14 was my starting point. During the last year I’ve tried about a dozen of these that I fit my criteria. Bottom line: I bought PX200-II and am more than...
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Sennheiser PX200-II Review


Pros: Good Overall Sound, value, portability, quality, ergonomics

Cons: Bit uncomfortable at first

When i got these, i was chuffed. i read from reviews saying they were good, so i had high hopes. fortunately, these cans definitely delivered  They look nice, and are really small and light. Comfort is a bit lacking at first, but when you get used to it, it gets better. Also, they are relatively affordable. Build quality is great, expected from Sennheiser. isolation is average, but what else do you expect from a small, sealed, pair of cans? Overall, the sound is good. The highs are slightly rolled off, but are smooth and never fatiguing. The mids are slightly boxy, but satisfactory nevertheless. the bass was a weak point of the first px200's, but because they now have a better...
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Sennheiser PX200-II


Pros: excellent portability, rugged design, clear and boomy bass and mids.

Cons: treble can sometimes sound unatural and pitchy, very uncomfortable after half an hour, you need to wear it right to get the bass.

Writting this out of utter boredom...   Im an audiophile by nature and appreciate every bell and whistle that comes with a product. Been usin these for around half a year. Had to use the warranty once after the wire snagged onto a table which cause the left speaker to fail. First time it actually failed like that cause most other times it'd pretty much pull my phone out of my hand :P guess i got it to its breaking point which i often do with anything XD   Value: I got em at a discount but, based on sound quality alone, sennheiser did not disappoint. They can get pretty loud if u want em to. Not to say they're overpowered. Just right i guess. These were built for...
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