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Sennheiser PX 100-II Supra-Aural Mini Headphones - Black Reviews


Mini HD650


Pros: Fantastic bass quality and quantity, Mids, Detailed and smooth treble, Airy with no closed-in feel

Cons: Clamping force is a bit high (but this is a portable mini-headphone, so if they don't clamp enough they will fall), sometimes uncomfortable

This is one my favourite headphones. They have fantastic build quality, are inexpensive, require little voltage to be driven properly, are small and discreet, and sounds better than some pricier headphones (IMHO).    They also are completely non-fatiguing, and great all-rounders. They don't make bright and thin recordings sound even worse, but instead make them much more listenable. A complete win from Sennheiser. Bravo.

Favorite on-the-go headphones


Pros: Build quality, sound quality, can hear surroundings, thick bass, comfortable

Cons: Thick bass is pleasant and fun, but not ideal for critical listening

My PX100-ii's just failed after 3 1/2 years of use... and I immediately repurchased. I am a professional musician and own much more expensive headphones and headphone amps for mixing and critical listening, but these are what I use on a daily basis for exercise, work, and travel.  These paired with a Sansa Clip are the perfect exercise rig!  The accentuated upper-bass/low-mids might not be to everyone's liking, but for exercise and travel I prefer this sonic signature. I love that with the PX100-ii's I can hear my surroundings.  I tend listen at low to moderate levels and, with traffic and other environmental noise, I find that more balanced headphones can sound thin. ...
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Better than it's predecessor and priced accordingly


Pros: Sounds fantastic, Very comfortable, Sturdy build quality, Attractive aesthetic design, Super portable, Serviceable

Cons: Doesn't isolate, A hair less comfortable than before

This will be a very brief comparison review with the PX100, my review of which can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/sennheiser-px-100-collapsible-headphones/reviews/8181 Aesthetics   This is the most striking difference between the PX100 and PX100ii, with the latter being the far better off. The PX100 has aged noticeably, and the updated version really does look far nicer. Sennheiser have updated the aesthetics of a classic without resorting to gaudy, flashy design choices. The PX100ii is sleek, modern, dark and stylish. I think it's a really great looking headphone. I especially like the little Sennheiser logo on the arms, as well as the new cup design....
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An excellent beginning audiophile's gateway drug from standard earbuds.


Pros: Fun bass, compact, surprising soundstage, jack is phone case-friendly, non-fatiguing, good for all genres, discreet

Cons: a little plebeian looking, upper mids and treble are a little veiled, some rattling with super low frequencies, no noise isolation

There's not a whole lot I can say about these. I think they are an excellent compact headphone to have in a bag on the go, they are affordable, sound good with everything, and are a definite step up from the crummy earphones that come with most cell phones and iPods.

Excellent Portable Solution


Pros: Design, SQ, durability, case

Cons: None so far

The PX 100s are certainly a supra-aural can to be reckoned with. If they were about $20 cheaper, they'd beat all of the Koss offerings for best value in portable headphones.   The bass: thick and meaty without being muddy. Works as well with Jay-Z as it does for the LSO. Even though it is solid, it never feels congested. There's enough space to make it feel natural.   Mids: Just slightly behind the bass. Still nice and rich with good clarity. Guitars and male vocals sound quite natural without any sense of artificiality.   Treble: Very clear without sibilance. Very forgiving yet still quite detailed. Better than any other sub $100 portable can I've heard.  ...
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improvements on a winning formula


Pros: ultralight and comfortable, single sided cord

Cons: no hard case, more expensve than its predecessor

I just picked up a pair of PX100-ii today. I've been missing the PX100, and I've been curious how the sequel improves on the first one. First impressions (comparison to original from memory)... Sound: the bass is a tiny bit louder and kicks harder, mids a little more laid back but a bit cleaner, highs the same. Running a frequency sweep, I think the highs on the ii are maybe a bit less wobbly. On fast bass heavy songs, the bass tends to bleed a bit into the mids. Other than that though, it just adds some emphasis to the midbass. Soundstage feels maybe a tad wider, but I might be imagining it. Build: a bit thicker, it just feels nicer in your hand. The one sided cable is also a nice...
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The ULTRA Portable


Pros: Phenomenal Sound for the price, Unbeatable comfort (IEMs be damned!), Most portable headphones I know of

Cons: A bit veiled sound (can be fixed by EQ'ing), lack of a hard case

Here's a link to my full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/682957/sennheiser-px-100-ii-review-the-ultra-portable   Bottomline: THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR THOSE WHO WANT QUALITY PORTABLES!

god of headphone for the price


Pros: tight bass,clear mids,comfortable,fun headphones..

Cons: recessed highs. and nothing

for me they r the best portable headphones i have ever bought in my life. well i am only 19 now. i hv done a hd515 review too.there u can see where  rate these headphones.these r the fun headphones.. with everything almost right.. well i consider this as portable audiophile headphones.(imho ). well u can go to this link for the detailed review by katun. he did a very good review.well u will find me there too. http://www.head-fi.org/t/593796/px100-ii-review-the-sennheiser-hd625

Pretty good headphones.


Pros: Sound quality, price, single wire, comfortable, portability.

Cons: Design

These are one of the best open design headphones in this price range. They are very clear and don't leak as much as I thought they would. They are pretty inexpensive and I love the single sided wire. They are very comfortable so you can have them on for hours. The best thing about this model is you can fold them and stuff them in your bag or pockets. These are one of my best purchases, but of course there are always better ones so I upgraded!   I highly recommend these for listening on the go. On buses, you may want to have the volume controlled or the person next to you will hear it. These leak a little less than other open design headphones.
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