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Sennheiser PX 100 Collapsible Headphones Reviews


PX100 = Pretty Xcellent 100%


Pros: Pleasurable dark Signature, BASS, Comfort, Portability, Value, Replaceable padding, Built quality

Cons: Thin cable, Isolation

  The PX100 is proof that something quite cheap and simple can provide as much enjoyment for the end user as something significantly more expensive. That's not to say that they're on the same level of quality as a higher end product, you do get what you pay for. It's a mental thing. There's so much satisfaction to be had in the idea that something so light on the wallet can sound so... pleasant!    The PX100 are a fantastic little portable that I was using back in 2010, before I got my own first pair of headphones, the HD448, and subsequently became interested in audio. The PX100 actually belong to my Mother, she got them...
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Still a good buy seven years later


Pros: Extremely lightweight, comfortable, and portable; smooth and enjoyable sound

Cons: Quite dark, rolled-off treble, bloated low end

The PX100s were the second decent portable headphone I bought after the KSC75s, a silky-smooth contrast to the shiny, aggressive sound of the Koss clip-ons. This particular review was written when I was very new to the world of Head-Fi but in general I stand by it.Build Quality: Designed to be portable, the PX100s fold beautifully into a tiny package and fit into the included plastic carrying case. Despite the multi-jointed folding mechanism, they feel rather solid and sturdy. The metal headband is both tough and flexible and there’s a feel of quality to the whole construction – every motion they make feels controlled one as the joints click smoothly into place. I expected them to be...
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Just amazing sounding and sturdy little cans, for mobile listening and field recordings.


Pros: Exellent sound quality, cheap, comfortable, built quality, Foldable. bass heavy.

Cons: Gets a bit uncomfy when one sweats. A bit bass heavy.

I´ve owned these little bastards many years now, and loved every minute. They are compact in size, but huge in sound. And i mean hu-ge! I remember when i bought these for travelling and to-go-field recording and just could not believe my ears.  When i compared these on Grado SR60, In some areas these are better!!! Some says that PX100 are a bit dull and doesn´t have high end sparkle, bu i say that these are remarkable flat in over all sound. Tho they are a bit bass hevyish, but i think that in portable headphones, wich you use mainly outdoors and such noisy enviroments, it´s a good thing.   I have used these so much that cushions wore out and i find that new ones from...
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Decent on the go headphones


Pros: Detail is pretty good for price

Cons: Colored sound, Too much bass, not as much detail as higher end headphones

I have long used these headphones before I really got into headfi and they have served me well. Unfortunately the cable became damaged after 3 years of extensive use and broke on me. The only thing I did not like is the lower frequencies sounded colored and I did not even notice this until I heard other headphones. But for a little more money you can get better IMO like the ATH-AD700. I did like that they came with a case for carrying them around and the fact that they are small and portable is a big plus if you plan on using them on the go.

Great for the price


Pros: Light, portable, good sound quality for the price

Cons: Lack some sparkle at the top end, no isolation whatsoever

I bought these because they were cheap. Yes, $60 is cheap in Korea for entry-level audiophile cans, due to horrendous import taxes. I chose the PX-100s after a good hour of A-B comparisons in-store with their rivals, principally models from Koss and Sony.   More than two years later, other headphones/IEMs have come and gone, but I've kept the PX-100s because they are just so damn handy, and they really do sound good for what they are. It's nice being able to fold them up into their small carry-case and toss them in a shoulder bag where they are so unobtrusive you can almost forget you're carrying them.   Their strengths lie in their light weight, class-leading portability and...
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