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A Review On: Sennheiser MX 980 High Fidelity Metal Crafted Headphones with Balanced and Precise Sound Reproduction

Sennheiser MX 980 High Fidelity Metal Crafted Headphones with Balanced and Precise Sound Reproduction

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Pros: Sound, looks, build, accessories etc

Cons: None for me

As some of you may know, i already have the MX880's. Personally i think they were great, but some aspects could be made to improve on. Thats why i bought these MX980s, or more specifically the new improved version the MX985.

packaging: superb, everydetail is thought out, opens the way a beats by dre box would open up. fortunately they dont sound ANYTHING like the beats.

accesories: They come w/ 2 sets of earpads, airplane adaptor, shirt clip and a case. the case looks quite nice but due the possibility of the cables glitching i didnt bother with it. ohwell

build: the build is FANTASTIC i tell you, stems are made of metal and looks frigging sexy. the housings are probably plastic but has a smoky, graphite look to them. new improved volume control is great, integrate with the y-splitter. the plug is also really nice, unlike the old mx980s were it was too bulky and long.

comfort/fit: i was worried that i wouldnt find a good fit to them, as many people on here also say that. surprising, they actually fit me really well, no discomfort and they wdoulnt fall out. they are angled so they sit flush to your ear.

isolation: terrible, same as all the other earbuds there is.

microphonics: none, like all other earbuds

now on to the make or break aspectof and earphone: the sound

Highs: sparkling, detailed, and not rolled off inthe very least. i like to listen to a7x and the guitars sound heavenly on these.

mids: BEAUTIFUL vocals so natural and clear. inteligiblity is awesome and the voices have no nasaility to them. VERY cohesive sounding.

bass: amazing bass for earbuds, but never sounds bloated or muddy. the bass is transparent and clear and is well weighted, extension well don't expect too much its a pair of earbuds afterall.

soundstage: massively wide and tall, sometimes im feeling like im wearing fullsize headphones but NO it's an earbud.

presentation/separation: amazing sepeartion qualities. this earphone reminds me alot of the Radius DDM in that its sound is very blended and refined, but still the details can all be heard. again, very cohesive sound. the presentation is typical sennheiser, reminds me a bit of hd650 or ie8, very very airy and spacious, if a bit distant sounding, again as with a lot of sennheiser.

clarity: obviously it doesn't have the microdetail of BA 'phones, but the clarity of these buds impress me every time. details is mindboggling for an earbud


value; given the build and the sound and the looks and the pacaging, at 125 its a steal. even at 250 i would pay for these. amazing value.


Conclusion: simply the best earbuds ever. the yuin pk1 has great sound but looks generic and boring. b&o a8 has great design and build, but to my ears sounds merely average. and more. combine the sound, looks and everything else that the mx980 has and a new king is born.



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