Do my ears deceive me? Or is this really an earbud?

A Review On: Sennheiser MX 580 Stereo Headphones with Intergrated Volume Control

Sennheiser MX 580 Stereo Headphones with Intergrated Volume Control

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Pros: "Open-headphone" Soundstage, Midrange is smooth/clear and detailed, Solid build quality, treble is well extended

Cons: Bass can't catch up with very fast bass lines (exclusive only in metal) but otherwise...awesome

Wow! These sound like open headphones!

These are my first audiophile quality earbuds; I've heard about Sennheiser making "high-end" earbuds for quite a while now along with Yuin, Blox, etc. But I never really thought spending over $20 on earbuds was justifiable. But I recently came across a deal on head-fi and got these for $14! They're like over $200 on amazon right now since they are to my knowledge discontinued by Sennheiser. After listening to them for about 8 seconds (Eva Cassidy- People get ready) I immediately was in awe of how full these teeny-tiny earbuds sounded! Eva's voice sounded crystal clear and fluid. The bass is not dominant at all, the midrange is spectacular, the highs are crisp! These made me a believer in high-end earbuds LOL.


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