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Worth every penny!

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Sound, build, comfort, isolation, looks, functions

Cons: Large case, expensive replacement iPhone cable

Have had these for just under a week with easily 40 hours use already. The sound is to my ears and tastes; nearly perfect. In fact I would call it perfect but I just don't know what that may be. Regardless, these things have an incredibly balanced profile. Think adequate but not overpowering bass, great warm and smooth mids and nicely controlled but detailed highs. There is some roll off at the top end and I think it is all for the better. The sound is never fatiguing . They just simply sound great all around with practically every genre to my taste.

If i were asked to change anything I don't know what I would ask for. That to me says sometimes its best to not have any faults vs. do some things amazing but have to give in other areas. Although I am sure there are cans that do something in any one particular area better (.i.e. reference quality headphones run with an amp, etc.) I am not sure there is a portable set of closed circum-aural phones that can offer the complete package these do. It's not just the sound either; these are light, well built, very very comfortable, look amazing and just scream quality product and attention to detail in every way.

Only downsides so far are the large case and non-folding design which frankly are trade-offs worth it for the precise sliding mechanism, sturdy construction and overall aesthetic. Also the iPhone replacement cable seems pricey at $130. Otherwise these are close to being the perfect portable circum-aural no nonsense, smooth, warm and well mannered headphones.

UPDATE: After about a month I can confirm that my impressions of the Momentum's have actually only gotten better! After burning in for several hundred hours of use now the highs seem more detailed and sparkle ever so slightly more. The mids and bass still sound great as they did from day one.These are one amazing set of cans.


My ears are 7cm long, the Momentum are hurts my ears after 20 minutes..
It is possible to pickup a used pair of Sennheiser HD-650s for $350. Are the 'Momentum' as good as the 650s?
Yes I've read comments that the Momentum's don't work well with large ears. They're fine on me. I also got a pair of V-Moda M-100’s to try but returned those. They were less comfortable to me, much heavier on the head but mostly I did not love the sound quality. It wasn't that the sound is bad, I just found them a little over-hyped based on what I read on this site. The mids are we're just lacking too much and the bass overpowering. They felt quite genre specific but will excel with things like electronic music.

Amphibian - have not used the HD650's but those are different beasts. I am sure they sound better and the Momentum’s are not as good given they are what I would call reference quality but they also cost twice as much new, are not really portable headphones and open-back design of course. They serve a completely different purpose. These are meant to be run straight from your portable device and for their purposes are one of the best headphones in its class.
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