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Great portable headphones with good sound quality

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Comfortable, good sound quality

Cons: Doesn't fold up, earcups are a bit small

I paid $175 for a used pair and honestly, it was a great purchase.
I already owned the ESW11LTD but I waslooking for something a bit punchier.
The ESW11LTD I'd say kind of fit that criteria.

Being a portable pair, I used this primarily with my iPhone 4 with EQ "Flat"

Build quality:
Very nice build quality to be completely honest.
The metal and leather brought me back to when I had the P5.
Unfortunately the sennheiser badges on either side of the earcups weren't put in properly and had gaps around them which was a bit disappointing.

The earcups are very small. Due to my smallish ear I was able to use these as both an over ear and on-ear pair which is odd =/ Considering these were supposed to be meant as over ears, I would have made the cups a little bigger.
Also, as a portable headphone, if you include the case, it gets bulky. In a small messenger bag, I'd have a very hard time fitting the case in.
Would have liked to see maybe a fabric case.

They isolate quite well, but of course, IEMs will do a better job.

They sound a bit v-shaped to my ears, focusing more on the bass and treble while the mids are pushed back a little.

Bass texture is decent. It's tight, defined and a bit punchy but it doesn't sound super natural.
The extension could also be better. Maybe I'm just spoiled from always having $1000 headphones lying around.

Being someone who listens to intimate vocals a lot, this section was a bit disappointing coming from the audio technica esw11ltd and stax sr007mk2.
It felt like the mids were pushed back a bit. Not as a super-v-shaped sig, but noticeable enough. The mids aren't as liquid as other headphones I've used.

Treble liquidity is decent. Refined/resolved but again, nothing comparable to totl headphones.
Extension is good in this area.



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