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A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: balanced sound - fit majority of genre out there , detailed resolving of sounds frequencies

Cons: 1. small headphone size feels head cramping discomfort over long hours 2. average soundstage

A trendy and stylish offering by Sennheiser.   Choice of colours and design seems to be targeting at teenagers and younger adults with a taste of design simplicity.    Sound quality is typical sennheiser - well rounded bass with moderate impact, no boom boom rolls., clear mids only slight warm , clear treble - doesn't roll too much, no sibilance.


What i don't like as follows;

1. I extend it to largest possible size on the headstrap .. still feels crampy on my head after fitting it on

2. ear pads gets warm on ears after 30 mins

3. soundstage size medium , and imaging is only average - i feel like 20 percent larger than a good audiophile earphone.   this is probably a design limitation as in order to keep this earphone

small and compact, the drivers cannot be positioned further away from the ears to create larger soundstage

4. would be really good if it can be collapsed and folded.  It cannot be folded and who in the world will carry that large semi-hard case (thats comes with the headphone) on the go ? -


For the same price , i would have better get a audiophile earpbuds and least it's easy to use it on the move.   If you're looking to use this at work or at home, for this price i would have purchased a larger headphone with better soundstage and more fuller sound dynamic sound qualities.   Unfortunately sennheisser momentum sits in between portability and headphone audio qualities but does not fare well in either each area.,


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