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Sennheiser does it again

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Build quality, sound qualit, asthetics

Cons: Nothing worth noting

I have an Audio Technica and Sennheiser open over ear headphones and was looking for a closed portable, iPhone compatible one which is top notch in sound quality, not the kinds of VModa or Beats crap. I got the Beats as a gift. Brought the bets back and put some extra money to buy these. This was the best decision I made. The looks are great. Sound is top notch, Sennheiser quality. Build is particularly solid. Love each inch of it and the sound coming out of it. My ears are large and somewhat brush the leather a little bit for these over the ear cans. The gentle pressure and soft leather does not cause any discomfort of any sort. I broke them in with music and white noise over night and they sounded even great. Another masterpiece by Sennheiser. I would rate it at 4.9. The slight 0.1 point deducted for the aspect that they do not fold though the included case is pretty sturdy, just like the cans. These are 18ohm cans and built to be driven with portable players. Sound is very balanced. They do have bass but very balanced and controlled. Mids and highs sound nice and flat, not over exaggerated. The highs are a bit rolled off but I think that's more of the characteristic of the closed ear headphone. My open ear surely have a better sound stage but then they leak a lot of sound and are not good as a portable headset. Within portables, i cannot stand the sound of noise cancelling ones plus they make me dizzy. Wish these were just a tiny bit better and were fold able then they would have been completel price justified. Right now, though I LOVE them, I wish they were more of about $280. These are a keeper none the less.


Vmoda's not crap.
OK, I agree it VModa is not crap. I really wanted to like it but the overall sound somehow was a little too EQed for me. The problem I had was that it was extremely genre specific and the listening experience jumped from 150% enjoyable to about none. Should have not compared it Beats. Beats for sure is plain mud in 90% of the songs I listened through it.
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