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A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Great sound, good build quality, quite comfortable for long listening sessions

Cons: Price, "regular" sized cable, In-line controls only work for Apple devices

If you're looking for a great headphone that has good bass without being muddy or sluggish along with amazing vocals that can touch the highest of highs, this is the headset for you.



  1. Sound so good, it should be illegal. :) Really enjoyable. Sound has good balance. I have a pair of Shure SE315s which I love for the quality of sound they have but I only dislike their lack of bass when listening to something along the lines of rock. This headset maintains the quality that my Shure's have and adds the perfect amount of bass. I love it.
  2. Good build quality. It's made with good leather which is really soft so comfortable around the ear. The cups are made of a hard plastic thingy with great finish and the head band part is made of metal with leather over the top. You're going to love this headset.
  3. Comfort is important to me because I listen to a lot of music and these headsets are definitely that
  4. Premium finishing certainly gives you a special feel
  5. Detatchable cables are easy to snap on. I've not had issues with them at all.. they provide customizability too.



  1. Cost. Cost. Cost. Cost. The price (in India at least; 25,000 INR is the retail price which is around 400 USD) is a tad bit on the high side. Out of the budget of most people. If you don't care, you're going to love this headset
  2. Portability isn't a feature.. the travel case will ensure your headset is secure though you it will take up a lot of space when travelling :o
  3. The cable that comes in the box is normal sized which isn't a problem when I'm at work listening to music on my iMac but when I'm home on my desktop (behind my monitors), the wire is a tad bit short :)
  4. Large burn in time. I've spent over a couple of hundred hours with this head set over the past few months and it just keeps getting better. I don't mean this as a psychological effect cause 2 people did the test.
  5. Controls only work on Apple devices. I tried it out on my nexus and it doesn't work but I almost expect that by now :( Works like a charm on Apple devices, obviously. It's been tested on an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone 5 :)


The cons aren't really that big tbh. Chances are, if you're here, you considering the value for money of this product. This definitely is a great headset and is worth the money you pay. There is a simple reason why they charge you so much. The headset has a premium finish (you'll love it) and has good build quality with great music output. If you can afford it, get it!


Just to clarify, I don't own this one unfortunately but a friend does and I've used it over 100 hours. He did have one issue though which was that the left cup had more sound when the headset was new so he returned the headset. The new one had the same issue so we were asked to burn it in a few hundred hours (and now it's bearable but still noticable if you're really listening to it to check, otherwise it's fine). Sennheisser was nice enough to tell him that he can come to their store, open as many headsets as it takes to find the right one :)


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