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Amazing Headphones in its price segment.

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Balanced Sound, Strong(Not boomy) bass, Good separation

Cons: Not so much portable.

The moment I opened the package I said wow to myself. Truly premium feel of overall looks and packaging. Case is nice. It has got 2 sets of cables, one with the microphonics other without it. For the price the only complain i have is they are not as portable as Bose Quiet comfort. Other than that these headphones have every right to call themselves as premium headphones. 


I actually went to buy Sennheiser HD-25 1-ii(Adidas Version) but ended up buying this one as the effective price difference was not much(Momentum was 'ON SALE' item).


Sound wise I won't go in much detail as there is enough info available already and I have same opinion for most part of it. But I would rather like to put direct comparison of 3 headphones Amperior, HD25 1-ii and Momentum. Someone might find this comparison useful as I tested them for at least 1 hour turn by turn on the same set of songs at different gains with Amplifier(Fiio E11) before making my mind for Momentum. 


1 HD 25-1 ii - Bit aggressive compared to Momentum but sounded about similar to Amperior. Had the most punching bass out of the 3 headphones but worst comfort of the 3. Clamping force is not suited for longer listening. Very very slight difference between overall sound signature compared to Amperior. Literally not distinguishable immediately apart from bass. HD 25 1-ii clear winner in Bass.

2. Amperior - Besides it's look it has got no edge over the former. Comfort is there but at the cost of clamping force. For over the ear design I felt they should provide bit more clamping force not as much as HD 25 though. As said earlier least punchy bass out of the three.

3. Momentum - Most comfortable to wear. Premium design. Treble amount and quality on par with HD 25 had more bass compared to Amperior. Pleasing and most comfortable sound signature out of the three. It did not take much time for me to decide to go ahead with these as they were clearly best choice at the price of all three (HD 25 were about 280 bucks Amperioe about 300 bucks and Momentum about 320 bucks). Apart from some more punch in the bass I did not find HD 25 better than momentum in any other department. Sound signature suites just about every type of music just like HD 25s.


Finally I gave up on my desire for HD 25 and decided to buy Momentum as it was not much pricey (at the shop I bought it) as compared to the former plus they provided an unmatched comfort and Premium feel for overall headphone package including accessories. I hope people, who are confused like I was over the three models as to select which, find this helpful. 


Good choice! I love mine....
Might I ask where you got yours from and if the discount is still on? :P
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