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Excellent headphones, shame they are so small

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Bass, Midrange, treble, build quality.

Cons: They are a too small, Soundstage is not good

Every part of the sound is very good, the bass, midrange and the treble are all excellent, I think that out of all the headphones I have owned, overall these are the best all rounders except the size and soundstage spoils it. It is like Sennheiser was reading my mind when they released these, they have good bas, the usual Sennheiser midrange performance, and also treble which is very neutral and balanced. The overall sound is very good. They are too small and the soundstage is too small. If Sennheiser released a Momentum 2.0 which were about 30% bigger, had slightly better bass and treble and a bigger soundstage, I think that they would be 5 stars.

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Great review, I agree completely except the last part about the bass and treble, wouldn't change a thing!. I think Sennheiser did kind of "screw the pooch" with the cup size. They work great for me, but i have small'ish ears.
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