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One of the Best headphone for portable listening and daily commute/travel

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Neutral/ Life-like sound-signature, good imaging, great stylish design and carrying case as well as strong build quality, Comfortable

Cons: small earcups, quite expensive , large carrying case.

 Hi, Head-fiers. This is my first post as a newbie in the forum.


 I will give a short introduction of myself. I am 18 years old currently studying in high-school. I love headphones because I play Music since 6 years old. Currently, I am a member of School Orchestra( Tubist & Oboist) , Pop  Band(Keyboard) and taking serious lesson on Classical Piano (Currently in Diploma level). I love to listen to all kind of music.


 Firstly, Sennheiser Momentum is a premium headphone which is quite expensive, I bought a pair for S$529 or about US$439. So does it really worth the premium price tag? let's talk about it


Sound quality:


 I am amazed with the sound quality of Momentum because it really produced a wide-sound stage and good imaging for such a small& light headphone. Likewise, it has a good imaging like one that you can experience from open-back headphone such as HD500 series or even the HD600. Moreover, the natural sound reproduction is just amazing. For instance, you can feel the snare drum as if being hit in the Concert Hall when you really feel that you are in the concert hall at the moment.Furthermore, the Bass response is adequate but might not satisfy Bassheads "take note" this headphone does not have that lower frequency boomy effect but it is just sufficient and adequate. According to my listening experience, this headphone has a slightly emphasize on upper bass or probably Tenor range. For instance, you can hear the Cello and Viola kind of dominating the pieces and they really shine and therefore creating Warm feeling. Oh yeah guys, this headphone is notorious for a wam sounding signature so you know what kind of Music you should look for when listening to this. Likewise, the Highs in this headphone might be slightly rolled off but still sparkle and shine. The Mids is amazing, it just appear to be natural and warm sound! The Lows is natural as well with Neutral bass impact without muddy or overpowering the mids and highs. By the way, you don't need amp to use Momentum headphone as it is only 18ohms impedence but you can bring small portable amp such as FiiO E6 or E11 for your daily commute to enhance the overall sound quality. In conclusion, the overall sound quality is good for general purposes.


Build Quality:


Again, The build quality is top-notched. Firstly, the Genuine lambskin leather is just amazing for the comfort! From the headband to the ear cushion is a Genuine leather.Secondly, the metal headband is very strong such you can stretched it all the way 180" and it will not break, very very Durable! And, one of the modern innovation of replacable cable is really a plus. Overall, I found the build quality to matched the Premium price tag 5/5.




This headphone is very comfortable to wear for travelling or daily commute. This is because, the Headphone is so light that you can move around vigorously as much as you want and it will still hug your head like a pillow tightly but it does not irritate you at all. One of the most comfortable travel headphone that I have ever used. Here is my rating 4/5.




 This is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful headphone design that I have ever seen in my entire life. The design is simple but attractive and luxurious!

However, It will be great if it comes in more variety of colour, currently Brown and Black is on the market. It would be great to see some dark Blue, Dark Green or some Dark Red to the market, If Sennheiser ever see this post and really think of my Idea, they will have a great time in the future for average consumer market




 This headphone is for those who only could spend their time listening to music while travelling or on daily commute. It does provide audiophile sound quality. However, if you prefer to listen at home I'd suggest some cheaper headphone out there that sound similar or even better such as HD449 or HD439 and HD558 Sennheiser. Moreover, musical preference does matter. Those of you who listen to Rap, R&B, Hip Hop Music might not be satisfy by the amount of Lower Bass provided by this headphone tough this headphone is also marked as "Bassy headphone" but it is just not enough for you , sorry to young people, but this really works well with some Dubstep and modern Kpop Music or you can try to listen to Twist7- Ghetto Bass (Soundtrack of HeadFi TV) and this headphone will really shine on that too. In Conclusion, This headphone is for those of you who appreciate on all aspect whether it's how they look, comfort, portability,sound quality and build quality. In My Opinion, this is one of the best headphone for portable use, not the best sounding but the best for your daily commute.


-- Please pardon me for my broken English, because English is not my first language and I failed my English language in class, pardon mee!"


Love Head-Fi , Peace.


Joshua Li, Singapore.


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