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My favourite headphones to date

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Extremely comfortable, lightweight, simple design, sturdy, very good audio quality, good isolation, removable cord, carrying case included

Cons: Earcups too small for circum-aural fit, thin wire, in-line controls on mobile cable not Android-compatible, does not collapse for storage

I really can't say enough about how much these headphones blew me away when I picked them up. My only previous 'high-end' headphone purchase was a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50's, and while those aren't exactly collecting dust, these have become my go-to pair of headphones.


Audio quality is superb. Bass is warm but controlled, and fun to listen to, coupled with very detailed mids and highs. I did at first notice that the treble in certain tracks sounded a little strange, though I've since discovered that the tracks appear to have been mixed that way, since most of the music I listen to doesn't exhibit this phenomenon, and its occurrence did decrease as the headphones were broken in. They function equally well with music, video games and movies/etc, and can just as easily be driven by a computer or amplifier as they can be from a mobile phone (in my case, a Galaxy Nexus). Plus, they tend to isolate very well, and at least in my experience, don't leak sound very much at all, allowing me to crank the volume up in public without being a nuisance.


The brown leather and steel design is extremely attractive, and the soft leather earcups are absolutely the most comfortable thing to touch my ears, despite, in my case, not quite achieving the advertised circum-aural fit. They have a very gentle clamping force, though they remain firm while moving around such that I can't shake them off my head if I tried. The simple nature of their construction gives me great confidence in their ability to survive rough handling, and while the detachable cords are somewhat thin, they are sturdy and coated in a sort of rubberized anti-tangle solution that works extremely well to prevent those kinds of stresses. The included mobile cable with inline mic is a nice touch, but the controls unfortunately don't work for Android handsets, relegating that cable more or less permanently to the box (or at least until I get an iOS device).


Even though these are marketed as mobile headphones, I find myself reaching for them no matter the occasion, and they never disappoint. Highly recommended.


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